Make Your Animated Video Content About The Customer

Calvin Klein once said, “The only way to advertise is by not focusing on the product.” Small business owners are often so excited about their own product, they miss the most important aspect of advertising–the consumer. While animated videos are an effective form of advertising, consumers probably don’t want to hear a ten minute video focused on selling your products. Your videos don’t always have to be a focused on the product. Try shifting your focus to the consumer.
Here are three tips for using animated small business video that focus on the consumer instead of the product:

Offer Advice and Create Buzz
Animated videos are a great format for offering consumers valuable advice while also creating an opportunity for sending a brand message. They don’t always have to use a “hard-sell” and more often than not, are more effective without any overt call to action. Do not underestimate the value of being helpful. When most people search the internet they are looking for an answer to a question. For example, if you are a clothing retailer, you are also probably an expert in style and fashion. Video content gives you the ability to share this expertise with consumers and also create some buzz about your brand in the process.

Listen and Respond to the Conversation
One of the most important things you can do when utilizing video content is to listen and respond to what your consumers are saying about your business and products. You can leverage your social media marketing efforts to be more responsive in your small business video campaign. For example, if many of your followers are asking about carrying plus-sized clothing, why not respond with a video about “dressing your body type”? Not only are these conversations full of valuable information, they are also providing your business with more opportunities to connect with your customers.

Understand Consumer Interests
Now more than ever, consumers have an enormous number of choices when it comes to video content. Due to this massive quantity of video content, consumers are more likely to only view content that directly relates to their interests. This means that video content must be more specific and targeted in order to reach the right audience. Pull data from as many sources as you have available in order to fully understand your customer. The more data you have about your customer base, the better you will understand their interests. This will give you the power to reach this group and tailor your video strategies accordingly.

Consumers want help and beneficial content that speaks to them on a personal level, and video is the ideal format for providing this experience. Animated small business video content provides an excellent opportunity for you to engage consumers in a new way. Animated video is not only effective, is also cost-effective. An animated video campaign could be just the right thing to take your business to the next level.

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