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LinkedIn Products and Service Pages Are Going Away

If you haven’t visited your company’s LinkedIn page in awhile, you may not have noticed the warning to administrators regarding the removal of LinkedIn company products and services pages. This change is scheduled to take place on April 14th and your information on these pages will not be archived, including product recommendations. So, what now?
Goodbye Recommendations
In a related post in LinkedIn’s Help Center, they’ve encouraged administrators to back up their product recommendations by essentially copying them to a local document. What this means is that they will not transfer over to any replacement options offered to companies through LinkedIn. You have until April 14 to copy over any recommendations that you’ve acquired on your company products and services pages.

Getting Exposure
LinkedIn is encouraging administrators to build out Showcase Pages or Company Updates as a replacement for their prominent product and service offerings. An update is essentially a post to your LinkedIn company page while a Showcase Page is an individual page that you can link with your company page and promote. To create a Showcase Page, log in to LinkedIn as an administrator and visit your company page, then hover over the blue “edit” button and click “Create A Showcase Page”. This will bring you to a step-by-step guide on building this new page and linking it to your company account.

Stake Your Claim
While Showcase Pages are a much more attractive option for administrators to build out information about their product and service offerings, they are not a direct replacement. Showcase Page titles are global and must be 100% unique. That means that unless you have unique product and service names, you’ll more than likely be met with a “Sorry, that’s taken” notice. There’s no telling if this setting is there to stay, though we are recommending page administrators “stake their claim” as quickly as they can on their Showcase Page titles for products and services.

Customization Is Limited
Showcase Pages do not offer a lot of customization options, yet, to page administrators. After painstakingly selecting a unique name for your page, you’ll be met with very few areas to help make the page your own. Administrators can select a custom “banner image”, add a description, and upload a logo. The silver lining in this is that you should be able to bring over most of the information and assets you used to create your older products and services pages.

Promoting With Showcase Pages
LinkedIn says that Showcase Pages are “designed for building long-term relationships with members who want to follow specific aspects of your business, and not for short-term marketing campaigns”. You can use this forced-segmentation to promote and discuss your product and service offerings with the people who are actively engaged with that aspect of your brand. Use your Showcase Pages to talk about things related to what it is you’re showcasing and use your Company Page to talk about general topics of conversation and make important announcements.

Administrators shouldn’t panic as this change could make way for a suite of very valuable tools to reach a more engaged base of followers. Marketing on a specific and individual basis is a trend that is seeing results, and it appears LinkedIn is going “all-in” with their approach for companies. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!

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