Just Because You Can Build an Awesome Website Doesn’t Mean You Should

There are many services out there now that make it quick and simple for a business to build a website that don’t require any expertise or knowledge in website design. Many of these platforms are fantastic, allowing companies to build a great website without breaking the budget. You’ve probably at least heard of some of the big ones, like WordPress, Weebly, and SquareSpace. However, it’s important to remember that just because you can build your own website doesn’t mean you should.
What platforms like this do is provide essential tools to make website design simple — which is why many professional services use them when building sites for their clients. But there’s more that goes into building a website than simply putting the pages together, especially for business sites. While these platforms require almost no coding expertise, in order to build an efficient website, you still need to adhere to the best practices of web design.

Having a website isn’t enough.
The entire reason of having a website for your business is to inform customers, build a brand, and convert leads. For a website to work for a company, rather than against it, it needs to be designed around this idea. Simply having a website isn’t enough. By cutting corners, you may actually end up finding that you and your brand is worse off than you were before the website existed.

Website design encompasses a lot of things, and coding is just one of them. The best practices of website design include simple things, like making sure your website has the right page descriptions and keywords, so that search engines know what to look for and how to associate it with searches. Without knowledge of what’s important to have (and not have) on a website, you may find that you’re paying money to host your self-developed website, but without any of the benefits of having a website that converts visitors into customers.

Don’t be that guy.
By hiring the right team of people to build your company website, you can make sure that it does what it’s supposed to do. You can make sure that your website is designed to convert leads and properly portrays your brand in the way that you want. When thinking about this, consider poorly designed websites you’ve visited in the past. Chances are, what turned you off about the website had little to do with the coding side, and a lot more to do with the content.

When you cut corners in building your website, you can quickly become that site — one that’s hard to navigate; one that doesn’t provide the information needed; and possibly one that comes off as a poor representation of your brand.

Stay focused, run your business.
The other problem with doing your own website design is that it takes your focus away from where it should be — on building your business. While it may seem like all that goes into building a business site is setting it up, then moving on, a functional company page involves upkeep and work that can become incredibly exhausting if that’s not your area of expertise.

So yes, these days, you may be able to build your own website– but again, that doesn’t mean you should. Consider hiring a team of professionals to handle your website design, so you can make sure that it gets you the results you need, rather than detracting from operating your business.

If you’re struggling with your website, stop by our Website Design services page and see if there’s a package that suits your business, and your budget, best.

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