Is Your Website Design Ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

If you’ve been thinking about giving your website design some tweaks, now is the time to do it. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday nearly a month away, you can’t afford to have a mediocre website that doesn’t function for your business.
Here are some key aspects of website design to take into account as you prep for these two huge retail holidays:

1. Website Speed
Research shows that most consumers aren’t willing to wait more than 3 seconds for a website to load, and this is especially true for those browsing the internet using a mobile device.

If you want to speed up your website, there are two easy fixes that you can make. First, make sure that all of your images are sized appropriately, especially on your homepage and major product pages. There are some great image compression tools such as and that will allow you to decrease the file size of the image while still maintaining the quality.

Another effective way to speed up your website is to remove as many unnecessary images as possible. In addition to improving website load time, removing unnecessary images can help to de-clutter your website and improve the user experience.

2. Security
With cyber theft being so prevalent these days, consumers want to know that you are offering them a safe online experience. We recently talked about the way that SSL websites not only provide for a more secure online shopping experience, but they also can give your website a boost in search rankings. Investing in an SSL website will help to make sure that the information passing through your website is secure.

While consumers can usually identify an SSL website by either the https:// at the start of the website address or the padlock icon in the address bar, another way to make your online shoppers feel more secure is to include a “safe shopping guarantee” notice at the bottom of every product page and checkout page.

3. Traffic
In an ideal world, your website is going to experience a serious uptick in traffic on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. To ensure a good user experience, be sure to talk to your web hosting provider about your ability to handle the increase in traffic on these two key retail holidays. You may learn that you’ll need to upgrade your server, which can accommodate more traffic and sustained volume.

4. SEO
Help give your website a boost in search rankings by optimizing your content with targeted keywords. While you don’t need to do this for every page on your website, be sure to take the time to optimize your home page and key product pages. Focus including these keywords in titles, headings, descriptions, body content, alt text, and URLs.

Don’t put off making these tweaks to your website design until the last minute. By making these enhancements now, you can set yourself up to have a very successful Black Friday and Cyber Monday, allowing you to end the year strong.

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