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Is It Possible to Outsmart Facebook’s Algorithm and Improve Organic Reach?

If you’ve been promoting your business on Facebook for several years now, you’ve noticed a decline in the number of fans that are interacting with your organic posts. Considering that nearly half of all U.S. small businesses use Facebook to raise brand awareness, the decline in organic reach on the social media site has many marketers question whether or not Facebook is right for their SEO strategy.
Why is there a decline in the reach of organic Facebook content?
There are two reasons why your organic Facebook content is not being seen by your audience. First, there are too many users publishing content on Facebook, making it difficult to compete for visibility in the newsfeed. Second, the Facebook algorithm is showing people only the content that is most relevant to them instead of displaying all of the content available.

Is it necessary to pay for Facebook advertising to get your content seen?
A common question that we hear from clients is if it’s necessary to pay for Facebook advertising to get exposure on the social networking site. At New York Ave, we recommend doing a combination of paid Facebook advertising and creating organic content with an emphasis on the latter.

It’s our philosophy that SEO is a result, not an action. By consistently creating high-quality, relevant content, you’ll earn credibility with your audience. When your Facebook followers consider you to be a credible source and an authority in your industry, you’ll earn more visibility in the newsfeed.

Is it possible to outsmart Facebook’s algorithm and improve organic reach?
On a positive note, there are several tactics that you can embrace to outsmart Facebook’s algorithm and get more exposure for your organic posts. Here are several best practices for improving your organic reach on Facebook:

1. Be more selective about what you publish on Facebook.
Your goal needs to be to create as much engagement as possible with each Facebook post that you publish. Take a look at Facebook Insights to see the types of posts that have historically earned you the most engagement and what the topics were about. Conducting this research will shed some light on what your Facebook fans want to hear about from your business. Find ways to create original content that touches on these hot, relevant topics.

2. Be strategic about when you publish Facebook content.
Do you know when your audience is most likely to be active on Facebook? Head over to Facebook Insights to see when the people that like your company’s Facebook page are active on the social network. The data will be broken down by day and time to make you aware of the optimal times to publish Facebook content.

3. Take advantage of Facebook video.
SEO experts agree that 2017 will be the year of video content. Facebook is embracing this trend by offering users several options to share video content, including Facebook Live video broadcasts and Facebook 360 videos. Using video to share authentic, behind-the-scenes content will help to earn you a premium spot in your fans’ Facebook newsfeeds.

Despite all of the buzz about paid Facebook advertising, your business will still benefit by consistently creating organic Facebook content. Use the best practices outlined above to improve your organic reach on Facebook and create more awareness for your business.

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