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Is Facebook Messenger a Smart Communication Tool for Your Business?

We recently talked about whether emojis are appropriate for business communication.

Another popular way that businesses are starting to communicate with customers is through Facebook Messenger. And, similar to emoji use, some people question the professionalism behind using Facebook Messenger to connect with customers.

While the right answer totally depends on your business and the image that you want to portray, the recent updates to Facebook’ Messenger app can actually make it a very powerful tool for engaging and building relationships with your customers.

If you do decide to integrate Facebook Messenger into your business’s social media marketing strategy, here are some really cool features that you’ll want to take advantage of:

1. Share Messenger Codes
If you’ve played around on your Facebook Messenger app lately, you’ve probably noticed the option to “Scan Code.” What in the world does that mean?

Facebook Messenger has now made it really easy for people to find brands that they want to have a private conversation with by offering messenger codes. You can get your own code for your business’s Facebook page simply by visiting your message inbox and clicking on the icon to download and share your messenger code.

Once you download the messenger code, your fans can simply scan your code with their mobile devices to send you a private message. The real beauty of this is that people can use your messenger code to connect with your brand even if they aren’t online at the time. Think business cards, marketing brochures, etc.

2. Promote Private Message Links
If you want to take your social media conversations to the next level, you can promote communication through Facebook Messenger by creating a direct, sharable link that will allow people to start a private conversation with your brand simply by clicking on the link.

3. Create an Auto-Reply Messenger Greeting
For people sending you a private Facebook message for the first time, you can setup a messenger greeting to welcome your fans, let them know the types of messages they can send to you, and make them aware of your typical response time. You can even personalize this message in a number of ways, such as addressing the person by his or her first name (if appropriate for your business).

4. Search Businesses by Username or Business Name
The Facebook Messenger app allows you to search for businesses either using the business name or specific username of the business’s choosing. A number of businesses are choosing to create their own unique usernames, and these usernames are displayed below your Facebook page name in place of the category.

In the coming months, we’ll definitely see an increase of the number of businesses using the Facebook Messenger app to connect with customers and build relationships. Take advantage of these features and best practices to get the most out of your Facebook marketing strategy.

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