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Interactive Content Improves Lead Generation For Pest Control Sites

When it comes to pest control marketing that energizes prospective clients, pest control brands have a dilemma or two to tackle.
Namely these:

  • Too much DIY pest control content will have your leads trying to do your job
  • Once leads know what kind of pest they have, their research is mostly done

This leaves pest control businesses lagging behind industries that can produce tons of content on topics their leads are always trying to learn more about.

So: You need helpful, informative content to attract search users to your site and build a relationship. But you need to think outside the box to get visitors really interested.
Interactive content is the key.

Interactive Content Makes Pest Control “Chores” Fun For Visitors
Interactive content is a general term for any kind of content on your site where visitors enter some kind of input and get some kind of result.

If a text blog is like a book and video is like a TV show, interactive content is a video game: It won’t appeal to everyone, but wins laser-focused attention from those who use it.

Interactive content has uses across all kinds of industries. Digital marketers know the score: When people interact with something, they get fully engaged with it.

That makes them more likely to remember information they’re presented with. Recollection means, in the long run, leads are more likely to go with your brand than a rival.

Here are the facts:

  • Interactive content converts leads to buyers about twice as often as static content
  • 90% of marketers call it “somewhat” or “very” effective in educating site visitors
  • Interactive content is most powerful in the early and middle buyer journey stages

The question: How can you make interactive content work for your brand’s lead generation goals?

3 Types Of Interactive Content That Convert Pest Control Visitors Into Leads
Interactive content doesn’t have to be complicated – and it doesn’t have to break the bank. When you keep things simple, it’s much easier for leads to use your content the way you intended them to.

Here are the four areas where we’ve seen pest control firms have amazing success:

1. Interactive Assessments
A variation on the old-fashioned “personality quiz,” interactive assessments help homeowners figure out what kind of pest they’re dealing with and how advanced the infestation is.

Many times, homeowners haven’t actually seen a pest in person, but they’ve found evidence like frass or wood damage. An interactive assessment can ask them what they know and put the pieces together to shed light on the situation.

Plus, it means leads can figure out the problem without sorting through lots of pictures of creepy-crawlies. The more squeamish among your website’s guests will thank you for that.

2. Cost and Value Calculators
“What’s the damage?” That’s what most pest control leads are thinking when they hit your site. They want to get an idea of cost – even if it’s only a preliminary estimate – as soon as possible.

If these figures are hidden behind a long process or requires a phone call, many leads will be turned off. They might think you’re going to give them the runaround or try to upsell them premium services.

Take the exact same people and give them a calculator, though, and the situation changes.

Leads are more motivated to answer the questions you ask when they expect to get information they can use right away. That means an interactive calculator can be longer and more involved than a static form and still get more responses.

3. Live Streams and Webinars
Pest control experts can create a lot of useful, informative content with their knowledge of how to prevent infestation. The only question is how to put that content out there to spark attention.

Video content is a terrific way to turn your social media into a traffic magnet or get more of your email subscribers to move forward. And even a little dash of interactivity makes it far more potent.

A live stream can be easy to produce, yet still interactive. Think of it as a live advice column where attendees can pick your brain on protecting their homes.

Webinars take more time to set up and are best for when there’s a significant upsell involved. A webinar gives its audience detailed facts about a topic and pointers about products or services that will help them meet their goals as quickly as possible.

Don’t Be A Pest – Create Valuable Content For Your Leads
All the content you share on your site, social media, or email has one thing in common: It serves as a preview of the value you can offer when a lead takes the plunge and becomes a customer.

Interactive content shows leads that you care about their time and want them to succeed. It also positions you as an expert who’s on the cutting edge in your field.

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