Increase the Reach of Your Content Marketing With These 3 Platforms

If you’re at all familiar with the changing landscape of digital marketing, then you know that content is king when it comes to effectively getting your message across to your target demographic. With engaging and interesting content, you draw in more visitors who can be funneled through to conversion. However, even the best content needs a platform. To reach more people, don’t limit yourself to posting content just on your blog. Sources outside of your own website offer additional benefits and often rank on Google more quickly, ultimately meaning more people will find your company online.
For optimum results, consider using these the following three platforms for increasing the reach of your content marketing:

With SlideShare, you can very quickly and easily upload and share your presentations, infographics, documents, webinars, and more using a PowerPoint format. The best way to get started is by re-framing a popular post from your blog visually, in PowerPoint. With SlideShare, viewers can choose to download the information and you can select to embed it anywhere on your website. SlideShare averages 60 million visitors each month, which is a pretty great audience for your content. PowerPoint slide shows are also a great way to lace your marketing automation with more than a simple link to just another blog post. What does this mean for you as a business owner? More exposure for your content.

Although YouTube is famous for its funny videos, it can definitely help increase the reach of your content marketing. YouTube’s viewer numbers are even more impressive than SlideShare’s, with more than 800 million users each month. That’s huge! YouTube takes advantage of keywords and contextual marketing to ensure that businesses get their message across to the demographic that fits their needs most. Re-frame your most popular content in video and post it to YouTube with a link back to your website in the description. Since YouTube is owned by Google, the likelihood of your video reaching the first page of search results is far greater than that of a blog post. In a post by Brafton Editorial, a writer says “Through YouTube’s improved advertising capabilities, reaching and converting leads can be easy, as long as brands consistently produce high-quality visual content.”

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Social Media
Use social media to stay engaged with current and potential customers by posting interesting content that links back to your website, blog, SlideShare account, and YouTube channel. Staying active on social media portrays you as “human” to your target demographic. This helps extend the reach of your content marketing because if people feel that they can actually connect with you, rather than seeing you as some machine behind bland words, they’re more likely to reach out to you with questions. Matthew Kobach of Business 2 Community puts it this way: “People want to do business with other people. Humanizing your brand gets potential customers interested, engaged, and connected with a brand that goes the extra mile.”

By combining SlideShare, YouTube, and social media you can drastically increase the reach of your content marketing. Remember that by utilizing sources outside of your own website, you can boost your search ranking on Google, meaning more people searching for the products or services you offer will have an easier time find your company online.

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