Improve Your Website Design By Making Performance a Priority

We’ve talked about the importance of making the user experience the focal point in website design. In order to have a website that offers a positive user experience, performance needs to be a priority.

Nothing drives users away faster than a poorly performing website. Today’s consumers want instant gratification. If your website is too slow or is too difficult to navigate, your competitor is just one click away.
Did you know that nearly half of internet users expect a website to load in less than two seconds and will abandon a webpage that takes longer than three seconds to load? Do you know how long the pages on your website take to load? A slow website kills the user experience and costs your business customers.

Here are some other ways that a website design with poor performance damages your business:

1. Hurts rankings.
Google makes it clear that it gives preference in rankings to websites that offer a positive user experience. Generally, the faster the website, the better the ranking. Thus, if you want to improve your search ranking, you need to design a website that offers a positive user experience with an emphasis on website speed.

2. Negatively impacts conversion rates.
If it takes too long for users to complete tasks on your website, they will be more likely to give up. When a user abandons your website, it negatively impacts conversion rates. Every second matters when it comes to maintaining your users’ attention. Just a one-second delay in load time will cause your conversion rate to drop by seven percent.

3. Decreases user satisfaction.
A poor performing website design that is too slow to load or difficult to use will damage customer satisfaction. Users want to feel that they are making progress when moving through your website, and a fast website will accomplish this. Nearly 80 percent of consumers that experience a poor user experience on a website are less likely to make a purchase from the same website again.

4. Threatens an understanding of your products and services.
In today’s digital world, your website may be the only encounter consumers have with your business. Therefore, you need your website to clearly communicate who your business is and how your products and services will add value to your customers. However, if the pages on your website are slow to load, users aren’t going to stick around to click through various pages about your products and services. A poor performing website design undermines an understanding of your business and its products and services, which ultimately leads to lost sales and more product returns.

As you can see, performance plays a critical role in the user experience that your website delivers. When designing a website, you must make the user experience your focal point. By doing so, you’ll be more successful in creating a high performing website design.

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