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How to Engage Millennials in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

The Millennial generation is comprised of individuals born between the years of 1977 and 1995. The purchasing power of Millennials will soon surpass that of the generations before them, making this a demographic that today’s marketers need to pay attention to. If Millennials are part of your target market, you’ll want to shape your digital marketing strategy around their characteristics, engagement tendencies, and purchase decisions.
Millennials are the first generation that has grown up with access to the internet and mobile technology. They are the most tech savvy generation on the planet and are constantly on top of the latest digital trends. Businesses that are proactive in engaging Millennials in their digital marketing strategies will have a competitive edge.

Here are several ways your business can use its digital marketing strategy to connect with Millennials and win over this generation:

1. Connect and engage using social media.
Having a social media presence is a no-brainer for today’s businesses. While you probably already have an active presence on Facebook and Twitter, embracing platforms like Instagram and Snapchat will allow you to be active where Millennials are spending their time online. Taking advantage of the latest social media features such as Facebook Live, Snapchat Stories, and Instagram Stories will demonstrate that your business is cutting edge and in-the-know with this demographic.

2. Build a culture and online identity.
Millennials want to feel that they are part of something big and making a contribution to a good cause. This generation craves culture and identity, perhaps more than any generation that has come before them. Businesses that create a space online that builds culture and identity experience success with their young target market. TOMS is an example of a company that does this extremely well as every product purchase helps a person in need. The social impact that TOMS offers has become synonymous with cool, which appeals to the socially conscious Millennial generation.

3. Create quality content.
Think about the abundance of content in your social media newsfeed. You probably end up scrolling right past most of it, right? What makes you actually want to stop and read an article? If you want to get results with the content that you create, you need to write quality, highly targeted content that offers tangible value to your readers.

4. Use industry influencers to spread the word.
Industry influencers are critical to your digital marketing strategy. Think of them as your secret weapon to spreading the good word of your business. Identify relevant influencers that are popular with Millennials. This generation is so in tune with influencers and place a lot of weight on recommendations from bloggers and podcasters–sometimes even more so than what they read on social media. Using industry influencers to your advantage can be more effective with Millennials than branded advertising campaigns.

5. Be authentic.
Millennials are turned off by traditional advertising tactics that push sales. When marketing to the Millennial generation, you need to be genuine and authentic. The ideal way to market to this generation is to get your brand in front of them to influence their purchase decision before they even realize it. This is where leveraging industry influencers is most beneficial.

6. Get your timing right.
When publishing content on your business blog or engaging on social media, consider when Millennials are most likely to be in front of their computers or on their smartphones. You’ll get the best results with this generation by posting first thing in the morning or in the evening with a spike mid-day during lunch.

Whether Millennials are your core market or make up a segment of your audience, incorporating these tactics into your digital marketing strategy will allow you to more effectively reach and connect with this important demographic.

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