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How to Earn More Conversions With Employee Email Signatures

Are you looking for ways to improve the results that you’re getting from email marketing? You’re probably overlooking a critical area that you should be using to your advantage: employee email. The average employee sends 34 emails a day to prospective customers, existing customers, vendors, and industry influencers. In many cases, your employees have already established goodwill with these important contacts. This presents your business with a unique opportunity to earn more conversions.

Regardless of what you hear, email marketing is still the workhorse of digital marketing, and you can’t have a successful online presence without it.

But how can you distribute promotional content without making employee emails appear to have an ulterior motive? Simple. Include an on-brand call-to-action banner in every employee signature.

Here are several ways your business can use employee signatures to help fuel broader company goals and earn more conversions:

1. Promote an upcoming event.
If you have an upcoming event, it makes sense to include a CTA in employee signatures for the event to raise awareness, earn more registrations, and improve post-event follow-up. You’ve invested a lot of time, energy, and money into putting together a world-class event, and using employee email to your advantage will help to get the right people there.

2. Pass along helpful content.
Has your business recently put together an ebook or industry report? Include a CTA to download this premium content in employee signatures. Passing along helpful content is a way to add value, build trust, and establish credibility with your business relationships.

3. Spread the word about a recent case study.
If your employees are emailing prospects, they’re probably well on their way through your sales funnel. Your employees will help these prospects become clients by including a CTA for a recent case study in their email signatures. Offering a testimonial from an actual customer will help to build credibility for your brand and make you more relatable.

4. Make customers aware of special discounts.
Your service team sends an enormous amount of emails out to your clients each year. Since they command the attention of the most important segment of your audience, include CTAs for special discounts in employee signatures. This will encourage existing customers to make additional purchases.

5. Move qualified leads through the sales funnel with demos.
Beyond phone calls, email interaction is the most effective way to move qualified leads through the sales funnel. To have success with email marketing, you need to know where qualified leads are in the sales funnel. By sharing a CTA for a demo in employee email signatures, you can educate these qualified leads and get them to take the next step to becoming a customer.

6. Use video to build a connection.
Video is the future of content as it engages your audience and allow your brand to build a personal connection. Want to differentiate your business from the other 100+ emails that your leads are receiving each day? Have your employees include a video in their email signatures to introduce themselves. When leads are able to see the employee’s face and learn about his or her interests, your business will have a better chance at earning the lead’s trust.

7. Earn more registrations for your next webinar.
Want to earn better attendance at your next webinar? Include a link for your audience to register in employee email signatures. Once the webinar airs, you can continue to promote the content shared by changing the CTA to ask your audience to watch the recording.

You should think of email signatures as your company’s secret weapon. Few organizations are making email signatures part of their email marketing strategy, and they’re losing potential customers as a result.

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