How to Develop Good Blog Writing Habits

As a marketer that wants to succeed in today’s digital world, mastering the art of blog writing needs to top your list for 2018 New Year’s resolutions. If you can get into the habit of writing every day, you’ll make great strides in the quality of your blog posts. High-quality blog posts that resonate with your audience will increase your visibility, help you earn more leads, and position your business an authority in its industry.
Make Blog Writing a Habit
While today’s business owners know they need to create blog content, many put writing on the back burner as they tend to other responsibilities. If you notoriously procrastinate when it comes to creating content, utilize the following best practices for developing good blog writing habits:

1. Commit to Your Habit.
In order to successfully form a habit, you need to fully commit to it. Instead of saying, “I’m going to try to do this,” tell yourself, “I’m going to do this.” Write down your resolution to write daily and post it in a place that you’ll see it regularly. Vocalizing your goal to others will also help to hold you accountable to committing to your habit of writing every day.

It’s also important that you be specific about your goal. How long will you write for each day? How many blog posts will you write each day? Defining the parameters of your goal will also help to commit you to your habit.

2. Block Out the Same Time Period to Write Each Day
What time of day are you most creative? For some, it’s first thing in the morning, and for others, creativity peaks late in the evening. Determine your optimal time of day to create comment and block out that same period of time each day for writing.

An effective way to form a habit is to use a trigger. For example, pouring yourself a cup of coffee in the morning could trigger that it’s time to sit down and write. To have success with keeping your habit, choose a trigger that you’re sure to do each day, and then plan to write immediately following the trigger.

3. Dedicate One Month to Focus on Forming Your Habit
Instead of trying to create multiple habits at one time, put your focus on developing one habit. Set aside a month to dedicate to forming the habit. If you get into the routine of daily blog writing over the course of a month, you’re much more likely to stick with that habit going forward.

4. Determine Your Motivations
Why do you want to create more blog content? Take a minute to write down the factors that are motivating you to develop good writing habits. Reviewing your motivations on the days that you don’t feel like writing will help to hold you accountable to your goal.

5. Reward Yourself
To help you reach your goal, give yourself little rewards along the way. Examples of rewards could be a short break, a fresh cup of coffee, or perusing through your personal social media accounts. Rewards will give you something to look forward to once you’ve achieved your daily blog writing goal.

Getting into the habit of writing every day will help you exponentially with the performance of your business blog as well as improving communication on your other digital marketing channels.

Some business owners simply don’t have the extra time in their day to dedicate to creating content. If you can relate, outsourcing content creation to a digital marketing agency is a solution that will benefit your business. Contact us at New York Ave to learn more about our comprehensive content creation program.

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