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How to Detect and Correct Underperforming Content

Let’s face it. Not every piece of content that you write is going to hit a home run with your audience.

In a recent blog post, we just outlined several reasons why your content marketing strategy could be failing.

When you’re starting a small business, you may not have the budget to completely revamp your content marketing budget. However, what you can do is proactively detect underperforming content and correct it so that it produces positive results for your business.

How do you identify underperforming content?
The great thing about digital marketing is that you have a wealth of analytical information at your fingertips to help you determine the content that really resonates with your audience and the content that produces little to no results for your business.

Here are some signs of underperforming content:

  • Loss of organic traffic
  • No organic traffic
  • No engagement
  • No follow-through to your content despite a social promotion

How can your correct underperforming content?
You’ve invested a lot of time into creating content, so it can be very discouraging to find that your content marketing strategy is not working for your business. Fortunately, there are several ways that you can correct underperforming content without having to toss out what you’ve already written.

Here are several ways that you can give your underperforming content a boost:

1. Incorporate longtail keywords.
Google is constantly enhancing its search algorithm to deliver results that are most relevant to what people are typing into search queries. Considering that most people type in longer phrases into search queries, Google gives preference to content that includes longtail keywords as this better matches the user intent. Carefully conduct keyword research to identify relevant longtail keywords and find a way to naturally work them into your existing content.

2. Optimize your headlines.
With so much content to compete with on the internet, your headlines need to be compelling enough to make your audience want to read your content. Title Tester is a really useful tool that will help you write headlines for your content that people will actually want to click on.

3. Make your meta descriptions compelling.
While your meta descriptions may not have the powerful impact on SEO that they did in the past, they still play a role in inviting your audience to read your content. Instead of stuffing meta descriptions with keywords, approach writing meta descriptions in the same way that you would sales copy.

4. Match your content to user intent.
While you might be addressing a topic that your audience wants to hear about, your content may be missing some key points. Look for ways to adjust your existing content so that it better appeals to what your audience is looking for. For example, while an existing piece of content that you have could be focused on how to earn more engagement on Facebook, your audience may want you to take this one step further and share the steps of how to create an engaging Facebook post.

5. Add visuals to content.
According to research from Xerox, visuals can increase your audience’s desire to read your content by as much as 80 percent. Make a point to include captivating imagery in every piece of content that you create.

If you take these proactive steps to identify and correct underperforming content, you will benefit from making your existing content work for your business without having to re-start content production from scratch.

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