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How to Create an Eye-Catching Logo Design

If done correctly, your logo design should be able to tell consumers everything they need to know about your brand. Your logo is often the first impression that consumers have of your business, and it also plays a critical role in brand recognition. This is why you need to get logo design right the first go-around.
Some of the most iconic logos over the years include Nike, Coca-Cola, Target, Apple, and Shell. These logos are eye-catching, universally recognized, and communicate an important message about the brand.

How can you create your own eye-catching logo design?

Since you can’t afford to mess up your logo, it’s in your best interest to hire a professional over handling this important task in-house. If your logo is strong and well-designed right out of the gate, it will help people recognize your company and communicate how they should feel about your brand.

Here are some traits that the most effective eye-catching logos have in common:

1. They’re simple.
The more simple you can make your logo design, the more memorable it will be in consumers’ minds.

As the years have progressed, many brands have modernized their logo by making it more simple. Take Apple, for example. Have you seen this technology giant’s original logo from the 1970s? Needless to say, Apple’s highly complex logo design was short-lived, and the brand has continued to update its logo to become the simple bite out of an apple that it is today.

2. They translate well across different types of media.
There are five key principles of good logo design: simplicity, clarity, consistency, memorability, and versatility. When a logo possesses these five qualities, it will translate well across different types of media, from websites to print to billboards. In addition, an eye-catching logo will look great when placed on a variety of backgrounds without compromising its quality.

3. They symbolize being a part of the community.
A good logo cultivates a community and signals to consumers what they can expect from their experiences with the brand.

The Coca-Cola logo is a great example for this. If people were to pick up a generic can of soda, they probably won’t know what to expect. However, when picking up a can of soda with the Coca-Cola logo on it, the soda instantly becomes validated as consumers see the logo as Coca-Cola’s promise of quality.

4. They include well thought-out color choices.
If you want to design an eye-catching logo, your first instinct may be to use bold color choices. However, you also need to think how your color choices will be perceived by your audience. The last thing you want to do is let your color choices in your logo send the wrong message. The color choices in your logo say a lot about your business, so take the time to ensure that they align with your brand’s overall message.

While your logo plays a crucial role in branding your business, so does building a company that offers a great product or service. Take the time to get your logo design right to compliment the hard work that you’re already putting into building your brand.

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