How to Build Trust with Customers Through Email Marketing

Would it be great if you could put together a marketing email that would produce a flood of positive responses from customers?

However, if you’ve been dabbling in email marketing for quite some time now, you’ll know that crafting an email that yields results for your business is not that easy.

In order to earn a positive response from your email marketing efforts, having one ingredient in particular is key: trust. With that begin said, here are 5 highly effective strategies for building trust with your customers through email marketing:

1. Send emails from a consistent “name.”
When it comes to optimizing emails, subject lines get a lot of attention. However, one area that arguably should get equal attention is the sender name.

The sender name gives you a huge opportunity to build trust with your audience. When you consistently send highly relevant emails to your target audience with the same sender name, your recipients will start to recognize your name and realize that you’re not constantly trying to spam them.

When creating a sender name, consider this formula: [team member first name]@[company name]. This can help to humanize your brand and make your recipients feel as though they are communicating with an actual person.

2. Go one step further with personalization.
Most companies these days are embracing personalization tactics by addressing recipients by their first name or company name in emails. However, today’s consumers are very savvy and realize that you are probably taking advantage of personalization tokens to do this, meaning that you didn’t really invest much time to learn about them or their preferences.

If you want to take your personalization game up a notch, consider taking advantage of smart fields and progressive profiling to deliver content in your email marketing that is relevant to a topic that they may have already expressed interest in on your website.

3. Offer value-added content that’s not locked behind a form.
Not all premium content needs to be locked behind a form, and this is especially true for your email subscribers. If you deliver relevant, high quality content to your subscribers in the form of an email with no strings attached, you’ll demonstrate generosity. This, in turn, will make you more credible, likable, and trusting with your audience.

4. Incorporate subject matter experts.
If you’re just starting a business, you’re probably not nationally recognized or well-known for your credentials yet. However, you can incorporate industry influencers and experts into your email marketing strategy to help build trust and credibility with your audience.

5. Use social influence to your advantage.
It’s human nature to want third party validation, which is why the best marketers are using social proof to their advantage. This can come in the form of incorporating actual customer case studies, testimonials, and reviews in your emails.

If you want to improve the open rate of your email marketing strategy and earn more conversions, use these 5 proven tactics to build trust with your audience.

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