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How to Build a Strong Relationship with Your Digital Marketing Partner

Considering that is has become a necessity for businesses to have an online presence, new digital marketing agencies seem to be popping up on every corner to help companies put their best foot forward. A digital marketing agency can help your business with branding, website design, search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, and more.
Finding the right agency to help you grow your business online is no easy task; however, once you choose a digital marketing agency, it’s to your benefit to view the relationship as a strategic partnership. Being transparent and open to feedback is necessary in order to establish a successful relationship with your agency.

To maximize your ROI from your online marketing efforts, here are several best practices for building a winning relationship with your digital marketing partner:

1. Be responsive to your agency’s needs.
Just because you’re outsourcing online marketing to an agency doesn’t mean that you can ignore anything related to your online presence. You don’t want an agency that uses a “set it and forget it” model. Maintaining an open line of communication with your agency and being responsive to needs will help you to achieve desired results. Examples of situations where your prompt response is needed include providing a reaction to current news and jumping in on a trending conversation that is relevant to your industry.

2. Welcome feedback.
By maintaining an open channel of communication with your marketing agency, you can learn valuable information that will give you a competitive edge. In some instances, your marketing partner may be able to provide you with insight about your business and industry that you weren’t even aware of. Keep in mind that your marketing agency is on your team, so welcome feedback and use it as an opportunity to continuously improve your business.

3. Make sure your marketing partner is using the latest technology.
The digital landscape is constantly changing, and it’s imperative that your agency is up to speed with the latest marketing technology and analytics. Staying up to date with the latest technology will allow your agency to stay ahead of the curve and offer the communication, collaboration, and measurement that is necessary for a successful marketing partnership.

4. Establish clear expectations.
In your initial meeting with your digital marketing partner, you should discuss what your company’s objectives are so that your marketing efforts will align with your goals. Both your business and the agency should establish clear expectations of each other at the beginning of the relationship to minimize any push-back or misunderstanding down the road.

5. Do your research before choosing an agency.
Your marketing partner will play an integral role in the success of your business. Therefore, it’s critical that you carefully research prospective marketing agencies before choosing a partner for your business. Instead of relying on search engines to find a digital marketing agency, ask your friends and business colleagues for recommendations. Visit the agency’s website to see if the company practices what it preaches. Take a look at customer testimonials to learn more about what a working relationship with the agency would look like.

Once you narrow down your list, request a face-to-face meeting with a prospective agency to get a better feel for their philosophy, culture, and way of operating. If a face-to-face meeting is not possible, consider a video conference. You need to know who you’re getting involved with before establishing a relationship.

6. Be transparent.
To create and implement a successful digital marketing strategy, your agency needs to understand the full scope of your business. It’s your responsibility to make sure that your agency is aware of new services and product offerings. By being transparent with your marketing partner and explaining crucial details such as what you sell, how you operate, and who you target, your agency will be able to offer better support and recommend effective marketing strategies.

7. Ask that your agency be responsive to your needs.
Yes, we mentioned that it’s important for your business to respond promptly to your agency’s needs; however, you want to also make sure that your agency will make your business a priority when you have a digital fire. You want to choose an experienced agency that is equipped to move quickly. Seeing how responsive a prospective agency is to your business before you choose to partner with them is a good indication of how the agency will behave down the road.

Many businesses are choosing to make the digital transformation in 2018, and having the right digital marketing partner will help to ensure that this transition goes smoothly and that your brand is well represented online.

Are you happy with the relationship that you currently have with your digital marketing partner? Our team at New York Ave firmly believes that establishing a collaborative relationship with our clients built on mutual respect is the key to building a successful online presence.

Contact us to learn how a partnership with our digital marketing agency will help you to create more effective solutions for your business.

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