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How Successful Plastic Surgeons Integrate Video Marketing Into Their Practice

Video is a huge part of today’s internet: It’s expected to be over 82% of consumer data traffic by 2022. The growing importance of live streaming is one part of the reason why video has claimed the crown as the leading form of online content. But that’s not the whole story: Video is popular with viewers and businesses alike because it really works.
Research on video marketing shows:

  • Viewers retain 95% of a message that they viewed in video, compared to just 10% in text
  • 64% of consumers make a purchase after seeing branded video content on social media
  • Pages with video are 53% more likely to show up near the top of Google search results
  • A full 51% of marketers say video is the content with the best return on investment

More video content is uploaded in 30 days than TV networks created in 30 years. Your marketing message only sticks if people remember it, and video storytelling is what plastic surgery patients respond to most.

Marketing for plastic surgeons is taking a turn toward digital marketing because it’s memorable, effective, and gives back far more than you need to put into it. To get stellar results, though, plastic surgeons need to integrate video marketing into their business on a variety of levels.

That includes finding practical ways to introduce your video content to prospects, leads, and current patients. It also means preparing yourself to be the star of the show – doctor-led video content is by far the most powerful, helping you build trust and make a genuine connection.

Making Video Marketing Part of Your Practice’s Day-to-Day Life
There are dozens of ways to promote and publicize your video content. The key is figuring out which methods align best with your practice – both within the office and in your digital marketing strategy.

As valuable as it is, video marketing for plastic surgeons should be seen as one plank in an overall plan. Few practices do video exclusively, but virtually all other marketing techniques are improved by it.

When video is an afterthought, you don’t get nearly as many views, shares, and client calls as you could. Once you start making videos, it’s crucial to shine a spotlight on them from the start.

Here are some ways to ensure video is at the core of your practice:

1. Launch Your Own Branded YouTube Channel
YouTube is the world leader in video content. As the #2 search engine worldwide – second only to Google, which owns it – uploading videos to YouTube is the ticket to greater visibility and more leads. Plus, you avoid back-end worries like file storage and bandwidth, since YouTube takes care of all that for you.

2. Embed Videos In Your Email Marketing
Are you building an email list? Email marketing lets you reach out to leads and past customers whenever you wish, sharing promotions that might motivate them to call. Including a video in your emails makes it much more likely subscribers will click through, see what you have to say, and stay on your list.

3. Promote Your Videos On Social Media
Facebook is a “must have” in marketing for plastic surgeons. Because of its highly visual nature, Instagram can also be useful, and Twitter is an all-arounder. Every time you release a video, promote it on social media. Don’t shy away from promoting older videos, as most followers won’t have seen them.

4. Update Your Non-Digital Collateral
Brochures, business cards, and even refrigerator magnets make a little space for your brand in your patients’ minds. Make sure all of these have your website and YouTube address. Once you have a library of videos, consider including relevant video links in your pamphlets about specific procedures.

Getting Ready To “Star” In Your Video Marketing Campaigns
Any member of your team can participate in video marketing, but your messages are most effective when the doctor takes the lead. In creating a one-to-one connection, video is the next best thing to being there.

Patients have to trust you before they’ll consider surgical procedures, and video will get them closer. You don’t have to be a Hollywood star, but it’s a wise idea to develop some level of comfort with the camera.

A good digital marketing agency will do all the work of wrangling equipment, setting up a space, and using the right software. They’ll even help you decide what to talk about in keeping with your marketing goals.

All you need to do is get comfortable saying it.

Here are some ways to make friends with the camera:

1. Practice Strong Eye Contact
Talking to a camera can take some practice. Get started with a simple webcam and your favorite video calling app at home. Position the window showing your face close to the camera so you’ll naturally look at it as you face forward. Start with a few remarks on a topic that matters to you and try to stay focused.

2. Take It Slow
Most newcomers to video are more likely to talk too fast than too slow. The cadence and beat of your voice should come through. Stop for breath between remarks to create natural pauses. Don’t worry about time: Most videos will be 5-7 minutes, but editing can always get them down to the desired length.

3. Start With A Smile
There are two reasons to keep a smile on your face, especially throughout your first few videos. One, it helps the viewer relate and see you as approachable and trustworthy. Two, it’s useful for overcoming camera shyness and adding energy to your voice.

Are you ready for your close-up? The team at New York Ave gets you on track with compelling video marketing for plastic surgeons. To learn more, contact us.

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