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How Pest Control Companies Can Grow With Social Media

Wondering how to stand out from the other pest control companies in your area? Social media is a powerful way to make a name among local pest control brands.
There are lots of myths out there about social media and how it works for local businesses. Many business owners don’t get the results they want because they believe one of these:

  • You can sell your services to new leads the moment you meet them on social media
  • It doesn’t matter what you post or how frequently as long as you’re on social media
  • Anyone can handle social media – the neighbor kid, an untrained intern, and so on

Basing your social media strategy on these ideas is a surefire way to get frustrated. Here’s what good social media for pest control companies looks like:

1. Social Media Is A Lead Management Tool
Social media isn’t for selling directly to prospects who only just heard of you. Instead, it’s a lead management tool – similar to your email marketing list. It makes people aware of your brand and what you can do so when they need you, they know exactly where to look.

2. Social Media Amplifies Your Other Marketing
With social media, you can promote your best blog content, videos, and more. If you already have a weekly content marketing schedule, social will help you get more from it. Plus, you can learn what kind of content resonates with your followers and focus your efforts accordingly.

3. Social Media Is The Way to Build A Community
Social media points the way to building a community of fans and followers who come back to you again and again. Even when customers aren’t in need of your services, you can still add value with social media so they’ll never consider another pest control company.

Social media strengthens relationships by letting you talk directly to customers and leads. This helps you position yourself as a known and trusted local expert even before someone buys your services.

Setting Up Pest Control Social Media For Success
Pest control companies need to be creative when it comes to social media. Helpful, informative content can focus customers’ attention without making them feel “creeped out.”

Here’s how to make sure social media works for you:

1. Choose The Right Social Media Networks
As a rule of thumb, Facebook is the best place to connect with your former customers and ideal for meeting future customers in your area and raising brand awareness. Two other popular networks include Instagram and LinkedIn and can add value depending on your strategy.

2. Make Your Social Media Accounts Look Professional
No matter what networks you choose, be sure your social page is complete and accurate. Don’t miss the chance to spice up your Facebook page with an eye-catching banner image.

3. Use The 80/20 Rule To Hold Followers’ Attention
Other than amateur etymologists, most people aren’t down to hear about pest control all the time. Use the 80/20 rule – 80% useful information, 20% promotions. Consider who your customers are in deciding what’s “useful”: New homeowners? Businesses? Tailor your social media updates to them.

4. Get Attention With Videos And Illustrations
Videos and infographics are the most-shared content online. Instead of posting “mugshots” of pests on your feed, use stylish visuals to communicate the risks of infestation and ease of professional pest control. The broader your content’s appeal, the more likely it is to be shared.

5. Automate Posting To Maximize Efficiency
There are plenty of social media apps out there that make posting easier by automating future updates. All you have to do is write the content, then “set it and forget it.” Of course, you should check in on your feeds several times a day to respond to mentions of your brand or replies to your content.

6. Use Social Media Incentives To Energize Your Audience
It might take weeks or even months for a potential customer to decide on pest control. Use time limits and scarcity to your advantage with “flash deals” and coupons only social followers have access to. That can be just what it takes to stir them out of complacency and get them moving!

7. Bond With Other Local Businesses Online
Cross-promotions are a terrific way to add fun and local flavor to your business while using scarcity to your advantage. Pest control companies can develop reciprocal online relationships with general contractors, home inspectors, roofers, house painters, and many more.

8. Build Your Business To Reinforce Customer Loyalty
Social media gives you a way to reward long-term relationships, so ensure other aspects of your business do the same. For example, segment your active customers into an email list separate from new leads so they get more pertinent deals and information on recurring service contracts.

Sound Like A Lot To Do? We get it.
It takes time to get the hang of social media – and results can be tough to see at first.

Our team understands how to connect with your audience, keep them engaged, and help them through the buyer journey. We develop complete digital marketing strategies for pest control companies that can boost brand awareness and convert more prospects into customers.

To learn more or get started, contact us today.

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