How Often Should My Business Post On Social Media?

Published on December 20, 2022

Social media provides one of the best opportunities for small and mid-sized businesses to stand toe to toe with the biggest on the block. When you post to social media, you’re talking to the same audience they are. Getting attention comes down to producing value for followers, not spending more money.

This is an invigorating prospect. Some businesses operate almost entirely on social media.

Take real estate, for example. From coast to coast, there are successful brokerages that get most of their business by converting social media followers into customers. They may still use conventional tactics like open houses, but they start the relationship with most of those attendees using social media.

Real estate is just one area where social media is becoming more important. As Millennials and Gen Z take up a bigger piece of the economic pie, it’s crucial to meet them where they are. And most of them will be doing product research online for weeks or even months before they make a purchase.

Social media is where they meet you … before you ever actually speak to them in person.

Consistency is the name of the game when it comes to effective social media management.

That means posting a lot. A lot, a lot.

As digital marketing pros, our official recommendation is “almost daily.”

Why Posting on a Nearly Daily Basis Makes a Winning Difference in Social Media

Every social media network has its own pace. Of the big platforms, Twitter moves the fastest. Users may see thousands of posts scroll through their feeds in just an hour. Facebook tends to be slower, and others are somewhere in between. No matter what, you have to post to get seen.

Even slow-moving social media networks like Facebook or Reddit can deliver dozens of posts in an hour.

That never-ending scroll is decided in part by the accounts and topics users choose to follow, of course. Over time, though, networks have become less interested in showing people what they subscribed to in chronological order. What users see (or don’t see) is increasingly dictated by “the algorithm.”

The algorithm refers to a social network’s programming, which promotes some content and suppresses others. The purpose? Give more space to the kind of content that will keep people scrolling through the network. More popular content gets amplified. Less popular content dwindles to oblivion.

You see the challenge.

If you don’t post, you don’t get engagement – in the form of clicks, comments, and shares – that each algorithm keeps track of. No engagement means no promotion. Your organic reach, the percentage of your followers seeing your message without paid advertising, gets smaller and smaller.

By posting regularly, you have the chance to reverse the trend.

Posting on social media might not seem to make a big difference at first. The more you do it, however, the more you’ll see results. You’ll have the opportunity to make contact with potential customers right in your local area at the exact moment they’re interested in what you have to say.

Over time, the algorithm will take notice.

This creates a virtuous cycle that can put the wind at your company’s back. By making a positive impact in the lives of your followers, your message spreads further and faster through the network, giving you greater momentum with future posts. But when the posts stop, so do the benefits.

To go from nothing to something on social media, you need to publish a robust volume of posts. And to keep the party going, you need to sustain that level or grow it. But you probably don’t consider yourself a social media expert. So, how can you deliver on social and stay focused on what you do best?

The answer is simple: Call a marketing agency you can trust.

Rely on Your Outsourced Marketing Partner for a Steady Volume of Powerful, Optimized Posts

When you’re posting almost every day, pithy inspirational quotes don’t cut it.

Sure, you can post a feel-good quote or photo now and then. But most of your posts should be directly relevant to your audience, showing them things that could only have come from you. That adds a new layer of challenge. It’s the reason why a marketing agency is vital to your social media growth.

With a marketing agency, you’re getting posts that couldn’t have been written by just anyone.

That means including visual content, like a photo, video, or infographic, with nearly every post. It means using the right hashtags to get seen. It means scheduling posts so they arrive in your audience’s feed at the exact times when they’re most likely to be active and paying attention.

Social media can stand on its own for promotion and lead generation. But the more developed the other aspects of your digital marketing are, the more powerful your social media can be. For instance, if your agency is putting out helpful, informative blogs on your behalf, that means you have more to share.

Social media works hand in hand with content marketing – the process of publishing useful content your audience consults to solve a problem or answer a question. With social media content, you preview the value you have to offer, position yourself as a trusted source, and raise your online visibility.

And it can all go on 24 hours a day while you continue leading and growing your business.

When you get started with a marketing agency like New York Ave, we’ll build out a social media strategy based on your goals and budget. That includes as many posts as you need to make a mark in your space.

You’re invited to be as involved as you want in your social media marketing. Some business owners love to record videos or write an occasional blog. Others prefer a hands-off approach. Whatever fits you best, you can rest assured each post is calibrated to get you closer to the future you want for your business.

The Sooner You Get Started with Social Media Marketing, the Sooner You Can See Results

In the world of social media marketing, fast and steady wins the race.

Lots of business owners jump into social media with both feet only to be disappointed in the end. They might spend hours on their favorite social network every day only to conclude that they’ve wasted their time. Unfortunately, many walk away from social media without seeing what it can do.

Whatever your results have looked like in the past, it’s not too late to get started with social media marketing. But winning a consistent flow of business in the social arena requires you to lay a strong foundation. A marketing agency can help you make the right moves day after day, one step at a time.

A full schedule for your business is worth the effort.

Don’t wait another day to find out what social media is really capable of. Contact us to discuss working together on a social media marketing strategy that really makes a difference.

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