How MedSpas With Expensive Laser Tech Can Leverage Marketing to Boost New Patient Consults

Published on April 25, 2023

Medical-grade lasers can be used for all kinds of different treatments, from nonsurgical facials to laser hair removal. Savvy customers are recognizing the value of lasers as they show up in more places. For example, dentists who use medical lasers can help patients heal faster than those who use scalpels.

No matter whether your med spa is large or small, you can differentiate from the competition with the right laser technology. But laser is a big investment. It can also take a substantial amount of training to make sure your team members are ready to use your new assets to the utmost.

After all that, you want to be sure your customers are excited to use those tools, too!

With the right approach to marketing, you don’t have to sit and wait for word to get around. Instead, you can get more new patient consults faster. That leads to referral business as more of your existing clientele see what your new equipment is really capable of.

In the long run, it means ROI from your big investment sooner so you can keep growing.

What’s the secret? It all comes down to using medical practice marketing the right way.

With Medical Practice Marketing, Your Laser Technology Can Be the Star of the Show

Every piece of marketing material is designed for someone. While you no doubt have a crowd of trusted regulars, lots of potential first-time visitors will research before they decide to book a consultation. Your marketing needs to be prepared to answer their burning questions.

One issue that can trip up many med spas is differentiating themselves from all the others out there.

When you have an impressive piece of laser equipment, it represents a natural way to draw a bright distinction between you and the rest. Medical practice marketing helps you do this by highlighting how a certain piece of machinery gives you capabilities that might be hard to find anywhere else.

Of course, not everybody looks for information the same way (or absorbs it the same way, either.)

For that reason, it’s not enough to make one blog post or social media update. People could encounter your brand in different ways and at different times. There’s no harm in communicating a message more than once – even your social media followers might have to see it repeatedly before they actually remember it!

Here are a few ways you can highlight your technological edge:

1. Demonstrate Your Laser Technology with a Case Study

A case study can take several forms, but video usually works best. If you have a long-time patient who loves to be part of your story, trade a chance for free treatment in exchange for camera time. Record their greeting and introduction, then let them get their procedure as normal.

Following the treatment, your participant can discuss the experience both immediately and a week or so afterward. This will give viewers the opportunity to see the story through to the very end. Between the two segments, you may not be able to record the treatment itself, but you can describe it in detail.

Naturally, you will need to make sure you have the right waivers and disclosures in place to use this method. Done right, however, it is the ultimate form of video storytelling. Prospective patients will appreciate having their concerns addressed while seeing terrific results from a real person.

2. Add Laser Treatment “Before and After” Photos and Videos

“Before and after” photography is a must in medical practice marketing any time you provide cosmetic or rejuvenating treatments. It might take a few weeks before you have a full book of “before and after” shots, but make it a point to ask for consent to take “befores.”

Give any customer who is clearly happy with your treatment the opportunity to release “afters” to you. For best effect, before and after shots should be taken in similar full lighting, with a similar expression. Capture a representative quote from each patient to help cement the social proof in the reader’s mind.

It’s crucial to be sensitive to the fact that not everyone will be willing to offer their photo. Even if you can’t get a photo in a particular case, your patients may be willing to leave you a positive review. They are most likely to follow through when given one specific review platform for their attention.

3. Explain Your New Treatments and the Selection Process

A minority of your patients will be hugely interested in a new piece of technology, especially if they aren’t familiar with it. For these people, any facts and details you can give will help build trust. They might start off leery, but their curiosity can just as easily turn into enthusiasm.

To cover this base, you might wish to create another video that goes through exactly what the new machine does, what process you went through to select this one over any alternatives, and anything interesting about the training your team members undergo to learn about it.

You can make this even more effective by creating a short pamphlet to read online or hand out. Be sure to consult your technology vendor for materials they might already have for you to get inspiration from.

4. Amplify Your New Technology Through Social Media

Any time your business has a big win, you want to share it far and wide with social media.

For new laser technology that extends your capabilities, it’s a wise idea to bake a whole week of social media updates into your medical practice marketing. You might dedicate each day to a treatment that your laser makes possible, updating 3-5 times throughout the day to be sure more people hear about it.

There’s no need to use a video for every single one of these updates. An infographic can be your best friend here! Infographics make it easy for people to digest any detailed new insights about treatments.

5. Provide Limited Time Offers to Your Email Subscribers

Your email subscribers are those in your community of care who are most likely to order new products and services. With that in mind, they should be among the first to hear about any new technology. By sharing an LTO (limited-time offer) for subscribers only, you create an appropriate sense of urgency.

All of the other marketing materials you might create around new equipment can be used in your LTO. The more ways you have for people to find out about it, the better. Remember, even subscribers might not hear about the opportunity at first, so remind them at least twice after the initial email gets sent.

That last email should be on the morning of the final full day of your offer.

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