How Long Should an Animated Video Really Be?

There’s a reason we like talking about animated video: it’s a great way to boost your SEO ranking and connect with consumers, all the while diversifying your content marketing strategy. And while we’ve given some advice on helping you get started with video in the past, one question we keep hearing is, “How long should an video be?” And it’s a good question.
The short and easy answer is that you don’t want them to be any longer than they need to be. We’re living in a society that has an ever-dwindling attention span, and there’s never a good reason to “fluff” up your content. So when you’re developing an animated video for your company, depending on it’s purpose, there are really three tiers you should be considering: 15 seconds, 30 seconds, and 1 minute.

15-Second Animated Video: Content Marketing
One thing to keep in mind when you’re doing video marketing, is that people want videos to be more accessible (read: quicker and more efficient) versions of text posts. They don’t want to take the time to watch a video if they can get the same amount of information in less time by reading.

So if you’re doing animated video for content marketing, the 15 second tier is kind of a “sweet spot.” It may not sound like a lot of time, but if you’re structuring your videos well, you should be able to cover quite a bit. The 15 second slot is also good for retargeting recent visitors to your website with video advertising.

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It’s important to remember that if you’re using short videos on your website, the video should illustrate your message in animation without too much help from voice over. While voice over is an important piece to the puzzle, your video content marketing should be designed to be viewed without it. Remember, not everyone has the ability to watch videos with sound, especially in their workplace.

30-Second Animated Video: Get Specific
If you want a consumer to stick around for a full 30 seconds, the message needs to be something special. Some good examples of 30 second spots could include an introduction to your business, product announcements, or a welcome video on your homepage. If you look at all of those, it becomes clear that this time, the animated video is doing something very different than the 15 second slot. It’s less content, and more communication.

As videos get longer, they’re able to hold more information, but at the same time, you need to hold the consumer’s attention. The longer the videos, the more “sold” the consumer needs to be to watch the whole thing. Longer videos should be more targeted to people who are already invested in your brand or if on your website, at specific points of your conversion funnel.

1-Minute Animated Video: Details
If you look at the length of animated video as a gauge in consumer interest, you can easily see where one minute videos should lead. These are most commonly used for a more detailed product information, presentations, and/or a longer introduction to your business. The idea is that 1-minute animated videos are for someone who is looking for more info, not someone who’s looking for fast, easy info.

So if you’re planning on adding animated video to your marketing strategy, rethink KISS–it’s not that you should be keeping it simple. You should be keeping it short! You wouldn’t take someone on a three day retreat for a first date… so don’t make your first impression three minutes long!

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