How Logo Design has Evolved Over the Years

Logo design is one of the most important contributors to brand recognition. You should consider your logo to be the face of your business. The graphical display of a logo demonstrates your company’s unique identify, and the colors and fonts that you choose to incorporate into your logo design can help your customers to identify and connect with your brand.
You’ve probably noticed that some of your favorite brands have given their logos a facelift over the years. Some of these corporate logo design changes have been made to inject life back into a company while others have helped to bring brands current with the times.

Here are some big takeaways that we would like to share in regards to the way that logo design has evolved in recent years:


Adidas Logo Progression

The Adidas logo is one that can be recognized internationally, and it’s certainly one that sticks with people when they’re in the market to buy sporting equipment.

Like many companies, however, the logo design for Adidas has greatly evolved over the years. While the very first logo for Adidas in 1949 contained a soccer cleat, the company has since expanded to offer different types of sporting equipment and apparel.

With three more logo changes since the original 1949 logo design, one aspect of the logo design has remained the same: the three stripes. However, in the newest logo, the three stripes are positioned to resemble a mountain, therefore challenging the customers that buy Adidas products to push themselves to their limits.

The Adidas logo works extremely well due to its simplicity and ability to look great when placed on any product and in any size. While Adidas has had four different logo designs, they are still similar enough that the brand has not gone unrecognized with these modifications.


Apple Logo Progression

The original logo design for Apple in 1976 was an image of Sir Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree with a quote along the outside border. While the image itself was brilliant, it was too busy and complex for a logo design.

Apple’s logo was changed the very next year to a simple rainbow colored apple, and it remained this way for over 20 years. The philosophy behind this logo design was to encourage people to think differently.

In 1998, Apple began manufacturing computers in metal casing versus plastic, and it was determined that the rainbow design would not look good against the metal. Therefore, the monochrome logo was born, and Apple still has this logo design today (with some minor tweaking here and there).

The big takeaway here is that a simple logo design will always be stylish.


Nike Logo Progression

The original logo design for Nike was very simple with the famous swoosh and “Nike” written in lowercase letters. This design has slightly been modified over the years with the transition to “Nike” in all uppercase letters and a pop of color added in 1985.

However, today, the swoosh symbol is so well recognized that the brand eliminated “Nike” from its logo design. This extremely simple checkmark logo design stands for itself.

In summary, if you take a look at the way that the logo designs have evolved over time for these three brands, you’ll notice that each of them has transitioned to a more simple design that works extremely well in a variety of formats, whether they’re on a billboard or a website.

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