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How Important is a Logo Design to the Future of My Brand?

Perhaps you’ve decided that this is the year that you are going to launch a new business. Assuming you understand the importance of having an active online presence, one of the first things that you will instinctively do for your new business is to create a website.
So many new businesses have come to us with ideas for what they hope to accomplish with their websites, however, time and time again, I am surprised at the number of businesses that feel they are ready to launch a website without giving much (or any) thought to logo and brand design.Why Logo Design is Your Most Powerful Marketing Tool
Think of some of your favorite brands. For me, brands like Nike, BMW, and Zappos immediately come to mind. In fact, I think these brands’ logos come to mind first before the actual brand names themselves. The logos for these brands are all fairly simple (Nike’s single checkmark, for example), yet are instantly recognized globally for quality, premium performance, and superior customer service.

Your logo design is easily your most powerful marketing tool as it builds your brand’s identity with your audience. Studies time and time again have indicated that people process visual imagery significantly faster than text, so your choice in logo plays an important role in helping your audience to quickly recognize your brand and what it stands for.

Factors to Consider
When choosing an appropriate logo design for your business, you’ll want to carefully consider the image that you want your brand to give off. For example, if you are a bank, you will want to select a design that gives the impression of stability and dependability. On the other hand, if you are a creative marketing agency, you may want to choose a logo that is more free form and innovative.

Your Logo Directly Correlates with Customer Loyalty
One of the most important reasons why logo design needs to be a priority for your business in its early stages is that your logo can directly correlate with customer loyalty. To give you an example, I mentioned earlier that Nike is one of my favorite brands. The simple Nike checkmark on apparel and shoes has become quite the status symbol these days. Since the Nike checkmark is worn by so many successful athletes, the logo itself has come to mean that people that choose to wear Nike are selecting only the finest quality professional sports gear. Whether I’m selecting a new pair of running shoes or a polo shirt, I immediately know that I’m making a good choice when I see the Nike checkmark.

Your logo design is your ticket to standing apart from the competition. It will not only help to offer validation for your brand, but embracing the concept of branding and having your logo emulate what your business is all about can really help to create a positive lasting impression in your customers’ minds.

We frequently use our blog to talk about the importance of logo design and the reasons why this needs to be a priority for your new business. If you want a way to define your business, place emphasis on your logo as it will create an image for your business, establish ownership for your brand, and solidify consumer loyalty. Good luck!

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