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How Iconography Can Help Illustrate Your Point in More than Just Website Design

Too many businesses feel the pressure to cram as much content as possible into their website, and therefore end up with a website design that is cluttered, difficult to navigate through, and overall unappealing to the audience. When you’re already faced with the challenge of competing for the attention of your audience’s dwindling attention spans, having a website that is overstuffed with text is a sure way to turn consumers off.
Our commitment to our clients is to manage their entire brands, which means being consistent with every aspect of the branding process. Specifically in regards to website design, we take advantage of iconography, which combines the use of a simple icon, title, and line or two of text to convey a message far more effectively than just bombarding your audience with an overwhelming amount of text.

Why Embrace Iconography in Website Design?
The big idea behind iconography is to give your audience the least amount of information that they need to make a decision to take some type of action, whether it be contacting your business to learn more or making a purchase. Icons also are very effective in visually breaking up the content, which can make it appear less intimidating and easier to digest for your audience.

For the best results, the icons that you use should send a clear message to your audience, create a better understanding of what your brand is all about and inspire your audience to some type of take action.

Examples of Brands Using Iconography in Website Design
It’s no secret that major brands are embracing iconography in website design to captivate their audience. Let’s take a look at a few examples of brands that keep it simple when conveying their message with the use of iconography in website design:

J. Alexander Woodworking
This fine furniture craftsman makes it extremely easy for visitors to navigate through its website and gain a better understanding of how the woodworking process works. The brand breaks up the content by using simple icons that are the color of brown wood and give the appearance of being hand-drawn. Each of these icons enables website visitors to have a basic understanding of what the content is about in each section just by glancing at the image. These icons also tie in well with the rest of the personality of the website as a whole.

Empire Custom Builders
Knowing where and how to get started with the custom home building process is overwhelming for many people, and Empire Custom Builders definitely considered this when designing the services page on its website. The business used 3 simple icons to highlight the areas of service that it provides with a very brief description under each of the icons. What’s especially effective about this page is that the descriptions given for each service are compelling enough to entice readers to click on the “read more” button for more information. The use of whitespace throughout the website helps to position Empire Custom Builders as professional while also demonstrating the business’s sense of openness and freshness.

Swan and Associates
When visiting the homepage of this website, there are really just two colors that will stand out in your mind: white and blue. A visitor’s eyes are immediately drawn to the white swan icon that is strategically placed over a blue video background. This helps to make the brand memorable in visitors’ minds as the use of the swan icon ties directly back to the name of the business, Swann and Associates. Immediately below this are three recognizable icons (all in blue as well) that encourage the website visitor to take some type of action, whether it be to search, sell, or find out more about the team.

Iconography not only positively contributes to a website’s style, but it also helps to captivate an audience, allow users to more easily navigate through the website, increase a user’s understanding of the content, and drive conversions. Considering that icons have the ability to optimize a website’s design and utility, it’s no wonder that so many brands are embracing iconography in website design.

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