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How Doctors Can Use LinkedIn To Grow Their Influence

LinkedIn might just be the best social media marketing option for doctors.

Compared to other social media platforms, LinkedIn users tend to be more career-focused, have more disposable income, and be more proactive about preventive care.

Many of them are on LinkedIn to build their “personal brand.” That means sharing their expertise with others in their field and beyond. As a doctor, your perspective is always welcome.

Plus, LinkedIn offers the reach many other social platforms only allow if you pay for online advertising. While the right digital advertising strategy can bring immediate traffic to your website, it’s not a substitute for the doctor-led outreach LinkedIn is ideal for.

Use these techniques to get into the swing of social media marketing on LinkedIn:

1. Post At Least Once Daily To Share News And Information

Every social media platform is different. On some, the feed zooms past quickly because the average user posts 5-8 times a day. On LinkedIn, one informative post per day is enough, because it will frequently catch the attention of users who leave the website open to read its business news updates.

As on any other platform, however, visual content will get more attention than plain text. Always look for an image or photo to liven up your post so people are inspired to read. Remember that you can also share videos, which often get the most shares and comments of any content type.

2. Respond To Topical Conversations On Your LinkedIn Feed

As your feed scrolls by, you’ll no doubt find many people weighing in on the issues of the day. You don’t have to respond to all of them, but keep an eye out for topics that are significant to you and your practice. People often have positive intentions, but don’t know where to look for factual information.

Once you’ve spoken to someone on LinkedIn, it is usually considered okay to follow them, even if you haven’t worked together. This gives you the ability to follow up through direct messaging. Be sure to share any pertinent content already posted on your website so they can explore it at their leisure.

3. Look For Relevant LinkedIn Groups To Participate In

There’s a LinkedIn Group for nearly any interest you can name. You can use LinkedIn’s search feature to find Groups, but take a close look before you join. Groups past their heyday tend to linger on with just one or two users posting to them daily to self-promote.

Once you find a relevant, active Group, make it part of your daily LinkedIn rounds. Seek out questions you can respond to with a helpful answer or a useful piece of online content. Also, check local Groups. They have more general topics, but you may be able to meet future patients.

4. Start Your Own LinkedIn Group If The Opportunity Arises

Starting your own Group is a terrific opportunity if conditions are right.

Of course, LinkedIn doesn’t adhere to HIPAA standards and you can’t discuss individual medical needs there. But if your practice is involved with more general wellness and lifestyle topics, such as weight loss or sleep hygiene, a LinkedIn Group can be a wonderful place to share ideas and tips.

When it comes to marketing for medical practices, social media marketing is just what the doctor ordered. Contact us at New York Ave today to find out more or get started.

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