How Being a Super Specialized Company Can Actually Benefit Your Search Strategy

There are a number of super specialized companies out there that aren’t taking advantage of inbound marketing because they claim to not offer “click to buy” products. Most of these companies produce highly specialized products that only appeal to a niche audience and involve long sales cycles. They assume that very few people are turning to the internet to research their products, so why bother having an online presence?
We’ve come across several of these types of businesses, and many of them are initially skeptical about the effectiveness of an inbound marketing strategy.

However, here are 7 convincing reasons why being a super specialized company can actually benefit your online marketing and search strategy:

1. There is limited competition for search terms.
As you well know, the key to a successful search strategy is identifying the keywords that your audience is typing into search queries. Ideally, you want to find search times with high volume and low competition (meaning that other companies are not going after these keywords). Fortunately, if you are more of a niche brand, the competition for your targeted keywords will not be fierce.

2. You’ll attract qualified leads at a faster pace.
Since there are few people searching for your highly specified keywords, you’ll attract qualified leads at a faster pace with your online search strategy.

3. You’ll strengthen relationships with prospective customers.
If the sales cycle for your products tends to be longer, your inbound marketing strategy will help you to serve your prospective customers with educational content to help them move through your sales funnel. Ultimately, this will position your brand as an industry expert while also boosting credibility with your audience and building trust.

4. Your competition probably isn’t taking advantage of inbound marketing.
If you’ve been skeptical about creating an inbound marketing strategy, there’s a very good chance that your competition has as well for the same reasons. However, you can differentiate yourself by connecting with your audience online, which can present your business with some huge opportunities.

5. You’ll be rewarded for quality content.
Assuming that there’s not much content floating around on the internet surrounding your industry and highly specified products, creating high quality content that is credible and adds value to your readers is more likely to be shared among your niche audience. This, in turn, helps to create awareness for your brand and drive more qualified traffic to your website.

6. You actually have a lot of content topics to cover.
When you’re dealing with a highly specialized industry, you’ll probably find that you have more content topics to cover than the average business. This can make the process of coming up with topics to write about less overwhelming and help to ensure that you will be delivering value to your audience through your content.

7. You can build respect for your brand.
By using an inbound marketing strategy to differentiate yourself and regularly share value-added content with your audience, you ultimately will build a tremendous amount of respect for your brand.

In short, if you’re telling yourself that your target audience is not turning to the internet to research your highly specialized products and services, you should think again. If you differentiate your business by giving inbound marketing a try, I think you’ll be very pleased with the results.

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