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Holiday SEO Tips for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

As the year is winding down, businesses are ramping up their online presence in preparation for the holiday marketing season. While there is no official start date for when businesses begin running their holiday promotions, the trend in recent years has been to start campaigning on November 1.
We recently shared with you a guide for what you need to be doing now to maximize your results for the 2018 holiday season. One of the items on this checklist that deserves your attention is being diligent about your SEO.

In order to increase your online visibility, it’s imperative that you’re constantly revisiting and optimizing your search engine strategy. Taking the time now to beef up your search strategy for the holiday season will greatly benefit your Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales as well as allow your e-commerce website to flourish during the last months of the year.

Holiday SEO Best Practices to Implement Now
Here are some holiday SEO best practices that you need to implement now to be able to end 2018 strong:

Evaluate The Current State Of Your Search Strategy
Before tweaking your search strategy, the very first thing that you should do is use Google Analytics to take a look at how your organic traffic is performing. Take note of which pages on your website are earning the most views and how long they’re staying on those pages. Cross-checking these metrics with your top-performing keywords will provide you with useful insight as to what your top performing keywords are. The biggest areas of opportunity will typically be in the pages on your website that are performing in the middle of the pack.

Know Your Keywords
It’s imperative that you know the top-performing keywords for your business. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday rapidly approaching, it’s also important that you put together a list of holiday-specific keywords that your target audience is typing into search engines. Google Trends is a powerful tool for making you aware of the frequent terms that your audience is typing into search engines.

Start Writing
Once you know which keywords you want to target (especially the holiday-specific keywords), you need to begin creating high-quality, value-added content. With the holiday season right around the corner, now is the time to be cranking out blog posts that will help your customers. Keep in mind that it can take some time for Google to take note of your optimized content, so the sooner you can publish content before the holidays arrive, the better.

Create Some Buzz By Hinting At What Is To Come
Even if you’re not finished with planning your holiday promotions, create a blog post that hints at what is to come. In addition to creating some buzz, you can use “coming soon” pages to aid your link building strategy and boost your relevance in holiday-related search queries.

Put Together Holiday Gift Guides
An effective holiday marketing tactic in recent years has been to put together holiday gift guides. Rushed holiday shoppers appreciate the suggestions, and it’s also content that many consumers are willing to share on social media.

Ensure That Your Website Is Performing
The speed in which the pages on your website load is a key piece of criteria that search engines like Google use to rank content. For every one second delay in page load time, the customer satisfaction rate with your website decreases by 16 percent. Images are often the culprit of a slow-loading website. Take the time to access your website by desktop and mobile device to check the load time and look for opportunities to speed up your website.

Earn A Spot In Google Shopping
Google Shopping will play a crucial role in helping your business earn more conversions this holiday season if you can get your products included in the product feed. In general, Google Shopping feeds tend to have a higher conversion rate than other forms of PPC and offer a lower cost-per-click.

Optimize The Low-hanging Fruit For Seo
By setting up the Google Search Console, you’ll be able to identify low-hanging fruit that will give your SEO strategy a boost. Some changes as simple as moving your targeted keyword to the beginning of the title tag and optimizing your alt text with the targeted keyword will help to increase your visibility this holiday season.

All in all, SEO can easily feel like a full-time job. And, once you think you’ve mastered the way that search engines like Google rank content, the algorithm is updated again. To be visible in today’s competitive online marketplace, you need an SEO expert on your side.

How New York Ave Can Help
Our digital marketing agency at New York Ave can help you to fulfill your content creation needs with high-quality content that has been strategically optimized for SEO. Let us help you dominate your holiday marketing strategy and end the year strong. Contact us at New York Ave to learn how we can help you enhance your content strategy so that you can reap the benefits of the holiday season.

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