Here’s How to Change Your Facebook Page URL

Believe it or not, your Facebook page URL is important on a number of different levels. Many small business owners don’t know that their URL looks something like this:

Not only does this make it hard to put in print, it makes it almost increasingly difficult for search engines to find and display your Facebook page when a customer searches for your business. Creating a unique URL for your small business Facebook page is an essential part of your branding strategy. Remember, part of branding your small business is making it easier for people to find you online!

Your Facebook page URL should, if possible, match the name of your business. For example, ours is

How Do I Change My Ugly Facebook Page URL?
It’s really simple! Log into the Facebook account associated with your small business Facebook page and then go to From this page you are able to change the Facebook URL for any of the pages you manage. The good news is that Facebook no longer requires 25 likes prior to doing this!

Please keep in mind that brands are only permitted to change their URL’s once after setting it the first time. Make sure you’ve thought about it carefully and type it in correctly.

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