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Here’s 3 Ideas to Improve Your Social Media Engagement

Learning to use small business social media marketing effectively can make or break your business marketing efforts online. If you do not exploit popular social networking sites to attract new business and engage old customers, you can bet that your competitors already are. Learn to attract more attention for your brand, product, and services in a very cost-effective way with these three ideas.
It’s All About Your Audience
Have you noticed how George Takei has become famous to a whole new generation of people? He did have a small base of fans that mostly consisted of Star Trek fanatics and gay rights advocates but if you’re like us, you had pretty much forgotten about him since he played Mr. Sulu in the last original Star Trek movie. Now, he’s a household name on social media with millions of fans.

He started by posting amusing little graphics, funny puns, and witty comments on Facebook. Now George Takei has over four million Facebook fans, a new book, and a musical production in the works. He used social media to re-energize a career that had been fairly dormant for decades. Mr. Takei might not be navigating the Enterprise any longer, but he certainly knows how to navigate social media.

He did this by appealing to his audience. He grew his original fan base very quickly, and now he has become a recognized and trusted name with folks who have never watched a Star Trek episode or have an active interest in gay rights.

Mix Up Your Media And Your Message
Some people like to read articles, but many are happier with a graphic or a short video. In order to appeal to the most people, take the time to use different types of media in conjunction with your content. We have found that a graphic or strong blurb might be the right solution to help grab attention quickly. You might use that to lead into a longer article or video to reinforce the original message.

Once you have a substantial fan base built up, try experimenting with longer and more complex messages. The right tactic really depends upon where the type of business you run, what you’re promoting, and the general makeup of your audience.

Sell Your Audience On Benefits And Ideas
If you’re new to social media marketing, you might mostly post about your fantastic products, hot new sales, or recognition your company has won. But remember, that can get boring for those not involved with your business and what they really want is to be connected with on a different level.

Sure, a car insurance agent might let people know that he offers free price quotes and expert advice. He might also share a news story about the fact that typical home policies do not cover floods or earthquakes. A bakery can talk about their sales and special offers, but their social media activity should also include some appetizing pictures of new holiday cupcakes or recipes that their fans could try at home. These types of things are more likely to generate activity, discussion, and sharing. These are the types of things your customers can connect with.

Letting your customers know how your company’s ideas are similar to their own. By patronizing your business, your customers are getting a great deal, and they are also helping to advance their own world view – after all, you have to share mutual interests otherwise you wouldn’t be connected!

You do want to keep your old customers engaged just as much as you want to attract new ones. Be sure and let them know that you welcome their comments about their experiences and encourage them to share them with others. These comments can provide you with great feedback and they can also show up in their friend’s social media feeds. Appeal to potential new customers by letting them know how your company, products, or services can benefit them, not by telling them how they can benefit you.

Done correctly, small business social media marketing can be one of the most effective marketing tactics for your own businesses. It gives you a chance to connect with our audience, and it even gives your audience a chance to share your message with their own network of friends and associates.

Looking to make your social media marketing more… social? Be sure to check out our Social Media services and send us a note. We look forward to meeting you!

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