Google’s Next Major Update is Here and It’s All About SSL

As you prepare to fine tune your search strategy for the new year, you need to be “in the know” about Google’s next major update.

Yes, that’s right. Google is making some changes to its search algorithm yet again. If you aren’t already familiar with Google’s recent mobile friendly update, you’ll want to first read up on this major change before diving further into this article.

So what’s the latest change with Google’s search algorithm? Google will begin favoring HTTPS websites in search results.

We’ve Known This Change Was Coming
The good thing about Google is that this search engine giant alerts the public of these major changes well before they go into effect. In fact, Google shared last year that preference in search results will be given to websites that use HTTPS encryption. A year has passed since this big announcement, and Google is now beginning to index HTTPS websites by default.

What is an HTTPS Website Anyway?
What constitutes an HTTPS site? HTTPS refers to Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure. When accessing an HTTPS website, all of the communications between your browser and the website are encrypted. Typically, when accessing online banking accounts or performing any other highly confidential online transactions, HTTPS is used.

An easy way to identify an HTTPS website is if a padlock icon appears in the address bar.

Why an HTTPS Website Should Be a Priority for Your Business
Considering the number of internet security breaches that businesses are facing today and the disastrous outcomes, HTTPS websites have become a priority for businesses of all sizes. Confidential communications (social security numbers, credit card numbers, etc) sent over a regular HTTP connection can be easily intercepted by hackers, businesses can minimize the risk of information being hacked with an HTTPS website.

What is SSL?
An HTTPS page uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to securely encrypt communications. SSL protocol uses an asymmetric Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), which uses a public “key” and a private “key” to encrypt communications. Anything that is encrypted with the public key requires the private key to decrypt it, and vice versa.

When requesting an HTTPS connection for your website, you’ll want to make sure to use a trusted SSL digital certificate. This will not only help to ensure that the communication passing through your website is secure, but it will also populate the padlock icon in the browser address bar, which will help to give your visitors peace of mind when accessing your website.

Our experienced web development team at New York Ave builds and hosts websites with the option to add an SSL certificate. Not only will this help your website receive optimal placement in Google’s search results, but it will also help to ensure secure communication on your website.

Please contact us at New York Ave to learn more about this important change to Google’s search algorithm and how your website can receive an SSL certificate.

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