Get Started With Email Marketing With These 3 Easy Tips

If you are the current owner of a small business and you’re interested in getting started with email marketing, you have an advantage over many others who are trying to do that same thing. That is that you are taking initiative. This is invaluable.
If you are just starting out with small business email marketing and are unsure where to begin, we’ve come up with three easy tips that will make your small business email marketing campaign a winner.

Focus On Acquiring Subscribers
Getting email addresses from your customers and prospects should be priority number one for you. This does not need to be a complicated affair. If you offer something of value your prospects will be happy to exchange their email address. Give them something of value or something that they think will solve a problem of theirs.

Use An Email Marketing Service
Sending out thousands of emails at a time is hard work, not to mention time consuming. There are plenty of email marketing services out there that will make your life much simpler. At least the business part of your life. At New York Ave, we utilize MailChimp.

Successful small business email marketing requires that you do it consistently. You may not have the time to send out follow up emails to each of your new subscribers or send weekly news and updates to customers. That is where an email marketing service comes in handy. Most services make it easy by automatically sending out a series of emails based on a schedule that you choose. All you have to do is pick which emails you want sent out and at what time and they will do it for you. This is the ultimate ‘set it and forget’ it marketing plan.

Don’t Spam Your List
If all you do is spam your email list with sales pitch after sales pitch you will quickly start to lose your subscribers. Nothing will make them hit the unsubscribe button faster than a daily barrage of sales pitches. Instead, offer them something of value, something meaningful and related. Send them an email that contains an answer to one of their problems or content related to why they were initially interested in you in the first place. Need more topic ideas? Ask for them! Customers will be more than willing to let you know what they want.

We recommend at least 80% of your email campaigns should maintain a non-sales approach. Provide value to your subscribers, get creative, and stop sending junk! If you do this your small business email marketing campaign will see increased sales and revenue for your business.

These three tips are just the beginning for any small business email marketing campaign. We would suggest that you contact some marketing experts to help you out. Even if you start out on your own at some point your marketing will grow so much that you will need the help of experts.

Interested in some more help with your email marketing dreams? Ready to take your email campaigns to the next level? Check out some of our services and send us a note, we can’t wait to meet you!

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