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Get Better Qualified Roofing Leads With Content Marketing

To the average homeowner, one roof is as good as another, right? Well, yes and no. It’s true most people don’t give too much thought to a roof until it starts to fail. In fact, the majority of homeowners don’t get their roofs inspected every 2-3 years as they should. Many of your roofing leads are disengaged from the value your product can offer. But finding ways to market to them between emergencies is the key to your sustained growth.
The roofing industry is on an upward trajectory following four consecutive years of profit gains, Although finding the right marketing mix for lead generation can be a challenge, it only takes one great project for you to become a person’s roofer of choice.

Brand loyalty among those satisfied with their roofers is high:

  • Having a roofer’s number saved makes it easier to respond to roof emergencies.
  • Most clients prefer not to take a risk on an unknown roofer’s customer service.
  • Homeowners anticipate exclusive deals and other perks for continued business.

As with most contractors, effective digital marketing is the key to standing out in a crowded field. Among all methods, content marketing is the most valuable in building leads’ trust.

4 Ways to Get Roofing Leads’ Attention With Content Marketing
Content refers to everything helpful and informative you put on your site to guide leads through buying decisions. The core of any good content strategy is your blog. Posting once or twice weekly on roofing topics aligned with the right keywords will boost your traffic.

The more content you have, the more keywords you’ll rank for in search engines. Plus, a strong base of content makes it harder for competitors to disrupt your rankings in the future.

Not all roofing content has broad appeal, so it’s important to go beyond the basics. Use the right format and the right messaging at the right time to achieve your goal: Motivating leads to invest in their roof before they find it falling in on them.

Here are some of the best ways to do it:

1. Safeguard Them From Scams With Social Proof
Lots of areas that face severe storms are hit by roofing scams every year. These scams are run by unscrupulous characters who often go door-to-door and accept cash in exchange for roof repairs.

Of course, the work never gets done. Even when it is, it’s not protected by a warranty. Those affected can’t get coverage from their insurance and are out of luck if there’s a problem.

Many roofing brands have had success educating their clients about roofing scams. One of the ways to make that message stick is by using social proof in a believable and compelling way.

Social proof is everything that demonstrates to would-be clients that others like them have had success with your business. Online, that means customer testimonials and reviews.

After successful projects, have a disciplined follow-up process for soliciting feedback. Reviews can be posted on external sites like Yelp, which are integral to leads’ decision to explore one business over another. Testimonials can also be posted directly to Google, Facebook and/or your website.

Remember to use video testimonials whenever possible! Videos raise a site’s conversion rates.

2. Appeal To Their Urge To Stand The Test of Time
There are three core motives roofing contractors can easily appeal to with their marketing:

  • The desire to sell a home at a profit within the next 1-3 years
  • The desire to pass a home on to future generations
  • The desire to drive down a home’s cost of ownership with a better roof

You know your products, so match your offerings to these motives for more potent content.

For example, roofers who specialize in eco-friendly metal roofing might roll out an online calculator helping figure out electric savings from a reflective roof. With composite shingle roofs, you might tout their weather resistance with a series of posts during storm season.

3. Roll Out Those Exclusives … On Your Email List
Since cost is a big factor – and a new roof may last 20-30 years between replacements – even a small discount can tip the balance in your favor with your prospective customers.

More crucially, getting people on your email list will help you build your relationship with them in the years before they need a larger roofing repair or replacement.

A consistent stream of emails helps you stay top of mind with your clients. A mix of homeownership tips and special deals is most impactful.

For example, teach your subscribers how to safely extend the life of their roof or attic or how to save money on their home’s heating and cooling.

Yes, it’s okay to give subscribers the information they need to do their own basic roofing checks and maintenance. Most will see the effort involved and end up giving you a call.

4. Make It Easy To Reach You (Like, Super Easy)
To maximize every lead, make it as easy as possible to reach you. For most companies, that means phone, email, and social media. Online platforms are perfect for quick customer service.

If your roofing process starts with a consultation and inspection, clients appreciate being able to schedule their own appointment on your site. All this can be automated through your email and calendar system, along with sending any onboarding requests you may have.

No matter how busy and competitive your local roofing market is, New York Ave can help you stand out and convert more often with digital marketing. To find out more or get started, contact us today.

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