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Four Tips For Improving Your Website Design

The world has gone digital. Online marketing, online shopping, online couponing. You name it, and you can probably find it online. With every Sam, Joe, and Suzy crowding the internet, how do you make sure your website stands out and that consumers choose your products or services over the millions of other options? Check out these four tips for creating a website design that will wow viewers and lead to more sales.
Create a strategy.
All too often, businesses develop a basic website without putting much thought into it. We get it; you’re busy. But what you think is saving you time is actually costing you money in the long-run. If you want your website to bring you leads – and better yet, customers – then you have to come up with a game plan.

The first step is to determine how many views you need in order to reach your goals. Use metrics to figure out how many of your viewers are actually making purchases each month, and then base your goals off that number. And remember, you can always turn to professionals for help if you don’t know where to start.

Streamline your message.
Another common mistake business owners make is trying to reach everyone, everywhere. It’s just not feasible – know your target audience. Create content that speaks to the people you most want to reach. The same demographic that comes into your store to make a purchase is looking for you online. If most of your current customers are men between the ages of 25 and 40, write your content so that it speaks to that specific demographic.

Focus on consistency.
You may be tempted to put most of your focus on social media, but don’t neglect updating your website. Your message needs to stay consistent throughout all your digital marketing. For example, if you change your logo on Facebook, be sure your website design matches that change. Being consistent is the best way to create top-of-mind awareness in your audience – it makes you memorable, and it builds trust for your brand.

Make it user-friendly.
The most damaging thing that can happen to your online marketing is a poorly-designed website that isn’t user-friendly. Here are a few tips for keeping your website design user-friendly:

  • Leave adequate white space. While it may seem like a waste, having sufficient white space gives your website design a more professional, clean look. It also allows users to navigate through the site more easily, without being overwhelmed with words and graphics.
  • Choose a design and stick to it. This is where consistency is important again. Whatever font and color palette you choose, stick to using it throughout your website.
  • Add real pictures. Someone who’s interested in your services wants to see pictures of you and your staff. People like to put faces to names; it gives you a “human” feel in their minds. If you don’t have a spot on your website for it, try adding it to a blog post.

Don’t neglect your website in the midst of such a connected world. After all, it’s still the face of your business. By putting these tips into action, you’ll have a website design that works.

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