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Foolproof Email Marketing Tips to Stand Out in 2018

Despite all of the hype about social media, email marketing is a tried and true channel to reach your audience. The vast majority of online adults have an email address, and more than half of consumers check their email inbox more than 10 times a day.
With these statistics, there’s a good chance that you audience will see your email in their inbox. However, with the average consumer receiving 88 emails each day, how can you make your email stand out in a cluttered inbox?

Give these foolproof email marketing tips a try to grab your audience’s attention and improve your open and click-through rates:

1. Use a mobile-friendly format.
According to the latest research, 54 percent of all emails are opened using a mobile device. In fact, 80 percent of internet consumers own a smartphone, and many of these consumers prefer to use their mobile device to browse the internet over using a traditional desktop computer.

To succeed with email marketing in 2018, it’s critical that your emails are built to render well across all devices. If you use an email marketing software such as Constant Contact orMailChimp, it’s easy to create eye-catching emails that are optimized for mobile viewing.

2. Take advantage of Facebook’s Custom Audiences feature.
Do you use Facebook to promote your business? If so, you need to take advantage of an underutilized feature known as Facebook Custom Audiences. A best practice is to upload your email contacts to Facebook and create a Custom Audience for you to send targeted messages to.

When sending direct messages to your Custom Audience, have your messages mirror your emails. Having the same message show up in two different inboxes (email inbox and Facebook Messenger inbox) will help to increase the consumption of your content.

3. Promise value in your email subject line (and follow through with it).
If you want to entice your recipients to read your email, give them the promise of value in your subject line. However, don’t over-promise and under-deliver. If you want your audience to ever open an email from you again, you need to follow through with your promise to deliver value in the contents of your email.

4. Connect with your customer.
If you want to make content resonate with your audience, you need to establish a connection. When you can provide personal and meaningful content that adds value to your recipients, you’ll see your open and click-through rates increase.

5. Don’t be generic.
Don’t let your email marketing message blend in with the 87 other emails that your customer receives each day. Let your customer know that you’re reaching out to him or her specifically instead of a generic audience. Giving your emails a personality that is consistent with your branding will help to separate your business from your digital counterparts.

6. Include the recipient’s name in the subject line.
Adding an extra dose of personalization by including the recipient’s name in your subject line is a proven tactic for increasing open rates. If you choose to try this best practice, be sure to exclude any subscribers that don’t have a first name value.

7. Get to the point.
Generally, the more brief you are with your email marketing messages, the more likely your content will be consumed. Your customers have short attention spans. Do them a favor and get to the point quickly in your emails.

If you make a point to follow these seven email marketing tips, you’ll grab your audience’s attention and keep them from sending your emails to the trash.

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