First Steps in Creating a Mobile Website Design

It’s official: the majority of online searches are now performed using mobile devices. Google is even in the process of transitioning to mobile-first indexing, meaning that the content on your mobile website will be considered first when determining rankings.
Creating a mobile website needs to be a top priority for your business, and it’s also a decision that needs to be well thought through. As you begin to contemplate how to make your website mobile-friendly, here are the first steps that should factor into a mobile website design:

1. Understand how visitors are accessing your website.
Some businesses aren’t motivated to transition to a mobile website design because they’re convinced that they’re not getting a lot of mobile traffic. Google Analytics will reveal some powerful information about the types of devices visitors are using to access your website. Considering that nearly 60 percent of online searches are now performed using mobile devices, you will likely find that you’re earning a lot of traffic from mobile users.

2. Test your existing website.
Use a mobile device to access your existing website to determine the type of user experience that you currently offer to mobile visitors. Be sure to use both an Apple and Android device to test your website. Seeing first-hand how your website appears will help you to identify ways to enhance your website design to offer a better user experience for mobile visitors.

Google and Bing both offer automated tools to determine the mobile-friendliness of your website. Does your existing website pass the mobile-friendly test?

3. Determine the user requirements of your target audience.
Keep in mind that if your website does pass the mobile-friendly test offered by these search engines, it doesn’t guarantee that your website meets the user requirements of your target market. A big part of designing a successful mobile-friendly website is having a clear understanding of your target audience and buyer personas. How will your newly designed mobile website address their issues, make it easier to find the content that they need, and add value?

Conducting market research is key to designing the best mobile website for your audience. Use a survey tool to ask your audience directly about the user experience that they want your website to provide.

With the majority of consumers now relying on mobile devices to perform searches online, it’s crucial that your business has a mobile-friendly website. When you’re ready to optimize your website design for mobile users, partner with a professional that will perform a mobile website audit. The more data that you can gain about the mobile users in your target audience, the more effective you’ll be in designing a mobile-friendly website that meets their requirements.

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