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Facebook Canvas Ads Are Now Instant Experiences

Facebook has been in the spotlight a lot throughout 2018, and the press has not always been positive. The social media giant has been under scrutiny for its privacy protocols and has had to revamp its advertising platform to give peace of mind to users that their private information would not be compromised.
Despite the hype surrounding the Cambridge Analytica scandal and concerns that a recent hack has exposed the confidential data of more than 50 million users, marketers are still benefiting from having an active Facebook presence. Your business still has plenty of reasons to use Facebook to engage users, and one of these reasons should be Canvas ads.

What Are Canvas Ads?
Facebook Canvas originally rolled out in 2016 in an effort for brands to provide mobile users with instant experiences. In years prior, Facebook advertisers have struggled to engage mobile users with small-screen content. What is so appealing about Canvas ads is that brands can use them to bring full-screen ads to smartphones.

Another perk is that because Canvas ads are optimized for mobile viewing, they load quickly and flow properly to create the ultimate user experience. These immersive full-screen ads are opened by users clicking on the ad in the Facebook newsfeed. Upon opening the Canvas ad, users can easily navigate through a carousel of images and zoom in if desired.

Canvas Ads Become Instant Experiences
Facebook recently announced that it will changing the name of what was once Canvas to Instant Experiences. The motivation behind the name change is that Instant Experiences more accurately describes the overall idea of this Facebook advertising tool.

While Canvas ads already loaded quickly, ads through the enhanced Instant Experiences load 50 percent faster, hence the name “instant.” Facebook is cognizant that mobile users don’t want to wait for ads to load and is therefore able to offer an even better user experience with this tweak.

Other enhancements that marketers should be aware of include the lack of technical skill needed to create Instant Experiences. Brands simply need to select a template to create an ad. There are currently five templates that marketers can choose from to create their ads, and the templates are available on both the Facebook and Instagram advertising platforms.

One more change that needs to be noted is that brands can now insert the Facebook Pixel into Instant Experiences to get more accurate reporting on the performance of the ad. For example, the data that the Facebook Pixel reveals could shed light on factors that influence buying decisions. Because the Pixel is now automatically added to Instant Experiences, marketers are more equipped to track and follow-up with users and earn conversions.

Use Instant Experiences for Holiday Marketing 2018
Businesses are in the height of planning for the holiday shopping season, and making Instant Experiences part of your digital advertising strategy is a smart move to help you end the year strong.

It’s anticipated that more consumers than ever will rely on their mobile devices to shop this holiday season. Instant Experiences will bring your storefront to your customers’ mobile devices, allowing them to easily browse through all of your products and services in one place.

Because Instant Experiences shorten the path between your message and your customer, you can use this advertising tool to captivate your audience’s attention and encourage them to want to explore more about your business. With Instant Experiences, your audience can gain a better understanding of your business within the Facebook platform, even if they’re not initially ready to commit to visiting your website. Visitors can even convert without ever leaving the Facebook platform.

This holiday season consider running an Instant Experience ad to promote your seasonal offerings to help drive both in-store and online traffic. The full-screen format will allow you to beautifully showcase your products and organize them to make it easier for your audience to find exactly what they’re looking for. For example, Sephora has used Instant Experiences to curate products around a category, such as top-selling skincare products, gift ideas under $25, and best lip colors for the winter season.

Your business has a huge opportunity to end the year strong, assuming that you take the time now to plan your holiday marketing campaigns. As you consider your options to engage your audience, Facebook Instant Experiences should become part of your digital advertising mix. Also, the earlier you can begin running your holiday marketing campaigns, the larger your retargeting pool will be for the final months of the year.

How New York Ave Can Help
To ensure that your Facebook Instant Experience ads are effective, you need an experienced digital advertising specialist to help you implement them. That’s where we can help. Contact us at New York Ave to learn more about our digital advertising solutions and how to get started with a Facebook Instant Experiences campaign.

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