Everything You Need to Know About LinkedIn’s New Conversion Tracking

Are you currently using LinkedIn to promote your business? If so, you may be less than satisfied with the analytics tools made available to you by LinkedIn to track your campaigns on this social networking site.
However, the days of being left in the dark about your LinkedIn campaign performances are over. LinkedIn just announced conversion tracking, which offers a new set of tracking capabilities built right into the LinkedIn Campaign Manager so that you can easily see how many leads, sign-ups, downloads, and purchases that your Sponsored Content and Text Ads are generating.

The powerful information gained from the addition of conversion tracking can give you further insight into the audiences that you are getting the most traction with, such as by seniority, industry, job function, and company size.
While we’ve all been waiting for this for a while from LinkedIn, it seems as though the social network has hit the nail on the head with its rollout of conversion tracking.

Here are some key capabilities that LinkedIn conversion tracking can now offer to your business:

1. Track the metrics that matter most to your business.
With conversion tracking added to the Campaign Manager analytics, you can easily track the metrics that matter most to the success of your campaigns, such as advertising ROI, conversion count, and your cost-per-conversion.

2. Track conversions based on device used.
Your audience is viewing your LinkedIn ads from all different types of devices, whether it’s a smartphone or desktop computer. The addition of conversion tracking allows you to see which devices your audience is using to best target your ads.

3. Optimize your LinkedIn campaigns.
With having this key analytical data that conversion tracking offers at your fingertips, you can tweak your Sponsored Content, Text Ads, and offers to get better results with your LinkedIn marketing efforts.

Given the success with the rollout of conversion tracking over just a short period of time, we can expect that LinkedIn will expand this capability into other areas of its platform as well, such as Sponsored inMail.

If you have yet to launch your business on LinkedIn, you’re missing out. LinkedIn is much more than just a platform for job seekers and recruiters. Considering that there are more than 175 million professionals that are active users, LinkedIn is the perfect platform for telling the backstory of your business. We encourage you to read our blog post that shares 3 convincing reasons why your business needs to be on LinkedIn.

Give LinkedIn’s new conversion tracking feature a try and let us know what you think!

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