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Email Marketing Tips to Appeal to Millennials

If you think email marketing is an outdated form of communication, think again. According to research, 89 percent of people check their email daily. In fact, the average worker checks his or her email 74 times a day! And, if there’s one demographic that’s obsessed with email, it’s Millennials.
More than half of Millennials check their email inbox before they roll out of bed in the morning. They’re also far more likely than any other age group to check email while watching TV or taking a vacation. Although Millennials are vocal about wanting a work/life balance, their dependence on email seems to challenge this pursuit.

So how can you revamp your email marketing strategy to appeal to Millennials?

Here are several email marketing tips to successfully appeal to the tech-savvy and individualistic Millennial generation:

1. Don’t turn them off by sending too many emails.
Keep in mind that Millennials are the first generation that grew up with caller ID. This makes them experts at screening marketing messages and deciphering the spam from the messages worth reading. If you come on too strong and bombard them with emails, they’ll make a point to delete your messages as soon as they see them.

2. Make sure your email messages are mobile-friendly.
Millennials are notorious for being glued to their mobile devices, and they’re often using them to read email. This younger generation is far more likely to view your email via their mobile device than from a desktop computer. Therefore, it’s imperative that your emails are mobile-friendly.

Side note: Since your emails will include CTAs that direct recipients to your website, you also need to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly.

3. Allow people to subscribe to your email list via their phone.
Make it easy and convenient for people to subscribe to your email list by offering the option to subscribe via their smartphone. Most consumers, especially Millennials, aren’t willing to jump through hoops to subscribe to your email newsletters.

4. Try using an emoji in your email subject line.
Millennials love their emojis. Incorporating an emoji into your subject line will help your email to stand out in an email inbox and demonstrate that your business is current.

Keep in mind that the use of emojis may not be appropriate for every business or industry. We recently dedicated a blog post to the topic of using emojis in marketing, and it’s well worth the read before you try using them in your email subject lines.

5. Include social call-to-action buttons.
Millennials are more likely than other generations to share offers and compelling content on social media. Tap into their desire to share by including social call-to-action buttons in your email newsletters. CTA buttons simplify the sharing process and will draw attention to the action that you want your recipients to take.

More so than other generations, Millennials trust what their “friends” on social media say about products and services. CTA buttons will help you earn more shares of your content on social media, therefore expanding your online reach and giving your business validity.

6. Personalize your emails.
Millennials are strongly individualistic and place a lot of value on personalization. With advanced analytics, today’s marketers are able to better target their audience via email marketing by serving them with content that they’ve already expressed an interest in. For example, by being aware of the types of content that prospective customers have engaged with on your website, you can set up an email campaign that includes this relevant content.

When it comes to email marketing, Millennials don’t want to be fooled by spammy messages. Instead of trying to manipulate your audience, get to the point in your email.

In summary, email marketing is far from dead, especially if you’re trying to connect with Millennials. This younger demographic is more willing than other generations to sign up for email campaigns. Use the email marketing tactics outlined above to give Millennials what they want. In exchange, you’ll benefit from increased online awareness, more leads, and a healthier bottom line.

Are you happy with the results that you’re currently getting from email marketing? Being able to connect with customers and prospects via email will be crucial to the success of your digital marketing strategy in 2018.

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