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Email Marketing Raises Lifetime Customer Value For Roofing Contractors

As roofing contractors, is your team doing everything it can to stay on customers’ radar? Depending on weather, the average shingle roof may last 15-20 years between replacements. Many areas are embracing residential metal roofing with the potential to last up to 50 years – the length of a mortgage and beyond, making roof replacement a generational matter.
But that doesn’t mean roofing contractors should take a “one and done” approach to their clients. It’s a well-known fact of business that customer acquisition costs more than retention – up to five times more.

Savvy roofing contractors use that fact to their advantage by becoming the roofing brand clients never want to switch away from. Just think of all the scenarios that might get former customers on the phone:

  • Roof repair work for storm damage in winter and summer
  • Eco-friendly refitting to improve a home’s energy efficiency
  • Annual roof maintenance and inspections to keep costs down
  • Re-shingling and roof painting to revitalize the home’s look
  • Pre-sale roof inspections requested by the buyer or seller

What’s the digital marketing tool that keeps your team top of mind for projects like these?

It’s email marketing.

Email Marketing For Roofing Contractors Is The Ticket To The Highest Lifetime Customer Value
New roofing contractors often feel the temptation to go after the biggest projects. Many new roofing contractors fail because they bite off more than they can chew or don’t develop accurate project costing.

But roofing brands that go the distance and build a strong community reputation know better: Big projects come and go, but lifetime customer value (LCV) is concrete evidence a team delivers quality consistently.

By emphasizing retention, roofers can improve the bottom-line value each customer generates over time. That’s why companies that go the distance shift focus to scalable, sustainable, and consistent marketing.

When it comes to digital marketing for roofing contractors, email offers remarkable benefits:

1. It Is The Most Cost-Effective Digital Marketing Technique
Research shows a well-run email marketing campaign can bring in $40 for every $1 spent. Email costs the same no matter if your list includes ten people or ten thousand. Marginal fees associated with large lists or data hygiene are more than offset by even a small increase in email conversion rate.

2. It Builds Brand Affinity And Enables Customer Loyalty Programs
Many residential roofing customers shop for price rather than quality. A good experience with your brand may be a relief, but it doesn’t guarantee they won’t look elsewhere next time. With email marketing, you have the opportunity to incentivize loyalty and add value they won’t get from other roofing contractors.

3. It Allows You To Manage The Pace Of Your Customer Activation
Especially in the first three years, roofing contractors tend to run lean teams. You may have limited personnel or equipment – leading to times when your schedule is full. Since you have control over when you email customers, you can increase contact during slower times and avoid over-scheduling.

4. It Repositions You from Constant Prospecting to Relationship Management
Your team only has access to so many homes or businesses, constrained by the geography of your service area. To end the cycle of seasonal boom and bust, roofing contractors must find a way to transition from a relentless search for customers to deepening existing relationships. Email marketing is the key.

How Roofing Contractors Can Craft Emails That Actually Get Read
According to the latest statistics from a leading list management platform, average email open rate is just over 21% across all industries surveyed. From a practical perspective, that means you can expect about 20 subscribers to open your email for every 100 people on your list.

By the time 500 people join your list, every email you send has major revenue potential. As you grow, your opt-in subscriber list becomes a powerful and unique asset that competitors just can’t match.

Here’s how to add more fuel to your roofing business with email:

1. Create Plenty Of Opportunities For Customers To Opt In
Thanks to the latest privacy legislation, the days of buying email lists from brokers are long gone. Every single person on your list should be a lead or former customer who affirmatively asked to hear from you. Make sure your website, social media, and post-project follow up process emphasize your email list.

2. Use Seasonal Roofing Trends To Your Advantage
Weather patterns have a direct effect on roofing purchases, so let them help you. One of the best ways to “pre-sell” local roofing services is to send out an email shortly before storm season advising homeowners on preparation – and reminding them that quick repair of storm damage is crucial.

3. Offer Loyalty Incentives In The Off Season
Winter is the slowest season for roofing in snowy areas, while summer’s high heat depresses business in temperature regions. If you operate at off-peak times, you have prime access to anyone who needs help. Use your knowledge of past customer buys to deliver targeted offers so customers don’t delay.

4. Pepper Your Emails With Video and Social “Human Interest”
Homeowners love to choose roofing contractors who live where they work. You can use video storytelling to make a real connection with them. If you work with nonprofits or other community organizations, video is a terrific way to highlight contributions. Email and social media help you share the good news.

5. Convert The DIY Crowd Into Paying Roofing Customers
DIY and homeownership content are “roofing adjacent,” keeping people on your list as their needs or interests change. While DIY can be a blast, we all know roofing should be left to the pros – you can hook your handy subscribers with fun renovation projects while driving this point home.

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