Earn More Subscribers to Your Email Newsletter With These 6 Simple Tricks

Considering that the vast majority of people have an email address, email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach your audience. The bad news is that the contacts in your database degrade by an average of 22.5 percent each year. Email addresses become obsolete for a myriad of reasons, such as contacts switching email addresses or opting out of your email newsletter.
To overcome the falloff in email addresses, you must consistently add fresh subscribers to your email newsletter to keep your numbers moving in the right direction. Here are six simple and effective tips for earning new subscribers to your email newsletter:

1. Segment email marketing subscription types.
We’ve talked about the importance of segmenting the contacts in your database. By segmenting your email contacts using your various buyer personas, you’ll be able to send more targeted content. When recipients feel that your content speaks to them and touches on their pain points, they’ll be more likely to subscribe to your email newsletters.

2. Run an opt-in campaign.
To clean up your email database, send an engaging email to the list of contacts that you have not had a response from and ask them to opt-in. Make it clear that you will remove all contacts that don’t respond. By cleaning up the contacts in your database, you’ll be able to build a list of engaged contacts that will be more likely to share your content. When your content is shared with contacts outside of your database, you will have the opportunity to earn new email newsletter subscribers.

3. Include a link in your email signature to subscribe to your newsletter.
Think about all of the emails you send throughout the day. Simply including a link to subscribe to your newsletter in your signature will bring you more subscribers.

4. Turn your Facebook cover photo into a call-to-action.
Social media is a powerful resource for growing your email newsletter subscribers. To get your audience’s attention, turn your Facebook cover photo into a call-to-action. Have the link route people to a landing page on your website that requires an email address for access.

5. Use your company’s YouTube channel to earn more subscribers.
We’ve talked about how we’ll see a rapid rise of video content in 2017. You can use video content to earn more subscribers to your newsletter by including calls-to-action and URLs in your YouTube videos. As a best practice, include a link to a relevant landing page on your website in the text description of the video.

6. Take advantage of guest blogging opportunities.
Guest blogging is an effective way to raise awareness for your brand and earn new subscribers. While your guest blog posts should not solely be to promote your business, you should include a call-to-action to subscribe to your email newsletter in your author byline.

Each of the tactics outlined above is easy to implement and effective in helping you earn more subscribers to your newsletter. By growing your email list with quality contacts, you’ll be more successful with nurturing them into sales-ready leads.

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