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Dynamic Email Will Rock Your Subscriber’s Socks

Static email marketing often lacks the human touch that traditional customer service offers. Companies that send generic emails to different types of subscribers are destined to annoy and marginalize potential customers. Due to the lack of personalization, static email marketing campaigns rarely match the right customer with the right product at the right time. Imagine being bombarded with information and offers that are completely irrelevant to your life and interests. This is how customers feel when they receive a one-size-fits-all email
Dynamic small business email marketing allows your company to send targeted and personalized content to your customers. Now you can reach the customer who is genuinely interested in what your company has to offer instead of wasting resources trying to reach a subscriber who couldn’t care less about your product. Small business email marketing campaigns that utilize dynamic or event driven emails are far more likely to be successful than those that send static emails.

Dynamic email marketing allows your company to personalize content based on:

  • Purchase history
  • Customer preferences
  • Personal information such as age, geographic location, or marital status
  • Email activity
  • Life events such as birthdays or anniversaries

There are countless benefits to using dynamic small business email marketing, but one of the biggest benefits is that your company’s marketing efforts will be more effective. Several studies have shown that targeted emails generate much better results that generic static emails. Research has found that dynamic emails produce results that are four to eight times higher than static emails. Dynamic emails can also produce net profits that are 18 times higher than static emails.

Another benefit of utilizing dynamic small business email marketing is that you can get to know your customers on a deeper level. The more you know about your customers, the better you can serve them. By communicating relevant and timely information, your customers will also begin to increase confidence and trust in your company. This can be an essential step to building brand loyalty.

Of course in order to effectively personalize dynamic emails, you must have access to specific customer information. You will need to gather relevant information in order to target different segments of your customer base. You can easily begin this process by choosing a few key customer characteristics to add to your subscriber list. For example, you could start with something as simple as their age. Dynamic emailing will allow you to send a single email with personalized content for these different age groups so that you don’t have to create one for each.

Dynamic email marketing may take extra time and effort, but the results are well worth it. If you want to set your company apart from your competition and serve your customers better, then you will begin by taking the right steps to grow your subscriber list so that you have the tools necessary for better email marketing.

If you need help getting started or managing your subscriber lists, be sure to check out our email marketing services and contact us. We can’t wait to be of service!

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