Don’t Let Lead Generation Bug You: 6 Steps To Pest Control Email Marketing

Published on April 18, 2020
Email marketing is one of the best ways to build relationships with leads – especially those who might go weeks or months before they decide they need your services.
Many would-be customers try everything before they call the pros. They start with sprays, then lay down traps, and might even go for a DIY fumigation. Think of that as the denial phase.

Then comes bargaining: Looking at pest control companies in their area to find one that works within their budget. First-time customers can find it difficult to tell pest control firms apart when it comes to quality, so price is a big factor.

After that? Most of them delay some more.

And then, finally, they choose a pest control company.

Which company gets the job? Almost always, it’s the one that started building a relationship soonest. Email marketing enables you to stay in touch while educating leads about your value.

Launch And Grow A Successful Pest Control Email Marketing List Faster
Studies show email marketing has the highest ROI of any digital marketing technique.

There are several reasons:

  • Once an email list is set up, it costs only pennies to maintain
  • You can communicate with 10,000 subscribers as easily as ten
  • Sending email and managing subscribers can be automated
  • Email works beautifully within your lead generation funnel

The truth is, small businesses were seeing big results from email marketing long before it was popular. These days, however, email has evolved. It’s a true extension of your brand identity that can leave leads feeling they know you better than your competitors.

But how do you get started?

1. First, Have A Terrific Website
Easier said than done, we know. But every aspect of your website contributes to your list.

First impressions count. People visit your website for the first time not knowing anything about you. They may not even know they have a pest problem – many only suspect they might.

Professionalism is the key. Your pest control website has to look good and be easy to navigate. If it doesn’t, most visitors will “bounce.” That means leaving (forever!) without interacting.

In particular, pest control companies need a speedy, mobile-friendly website.

Most leads will check your website on a smartphone. A responsive website is one that adapts its appearance, content, and navigation for the best mobile experience. That’s how to wow new subscribers.

2. Preview The Value You Offer
Everything on your website is a “sneak peek” of what leads can expect when they’re customers. Early in the buyer journey, they want concrete information about what pests they’re up against and how to respond.

Your blog is the best way to show off your expertise.

When visitors see an active, well-written, beautifully designed blog, they know they are dealing with experts. They might not read your content in detail – most users scan – but they recognize you have something of value to offer.

That gets them one step closer to your mailing list.

Your public content is the kindling. Now, you need a spark.

3. Trade Something Great For Your Leads’ Attention
Once leads glance through a couple of your blogs, they’ll have a better sense whether they’ve got an infestation on their hands. If the answer is yes, you just met a potential customer.

But most people still aren’t ready to buy.

Maybe they want to explore other options. Or maybe they need a few weeks to get funds ready for a purchase. Whatever the case, they don’t want to hear “leave it to us.” They want something constructive they can do.

Hence: Your lead magnet.

A lead magnet is an advanced piece of pest control content, like an e-book or video series. It should answer a big question your leads have about controlling the effects of an infestation or protecting themselves while they wait for professional service.

Users agree to sign up for your email list in exchange for a lead magnet. You’ll usually promote your lead magnet at the bottom of your blog posts or in a tastefully deployed popup window.

4. Have An Onboarding Process For New Subscribers
Onboarding is an email – or, more commonly, a daily sequence of several emails – introducing your brand and its most useful online content. Onboarding gets people started with your service, clarifying their needs and qualifying them further before a purchase. You can even have several different onboarding sequences based on the content that motivated a user to sign up.

5. Email Your Leads With Your Best Online Content
For email leads to convert into sales, two things need to happen:

  • Leads need to hear from your company consistently and frequently
  • Your messages need to add value to your leads’ lives before the buy

If you’re already using pest control content marketing, this part is easy. Email your list at least once a week with helpful, informative content. Try to observe the 80/20 Rule: Offer value eight times for every two times you promote your services.

But don’t forget to promote. Which brings us to the last step.

6. Promote Your Services And Special Offers (Seasonally)
Don’t be shy about promoting products and services! Just strike a balance. Different regions have different pests, and different seasons bring out different behaviors. Line up your promotions with customers’ needs so you’ll inspire more subscribers to give you a call.

Drive interest in your email offers with scarcity and urgency: For example, a timer counting down in your email emphasizes the limited time pricing leads could miss out on.

For the first few months, building your business email list is one of your most important digital marketing tasks. As a list matures, you’ll be able to create business simply by sending an email.

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