Digital Marketing Opens The Door To New Markets For Plastic Surgeons

Who is your ideal patient? Who’s still out there, waiting to be discovered? Before the digital age, it made sense for most plastic surgeons to focus their advertising, sales, and marketing on a key demographic of women in a target age category. After all, it’s much easier for patients to decide on services if they see others they relate to also enjoy them.
But digital marketing changes the equation for plastic surgeons.

Have you ever wondered how much you could be making from other patient demographics?

Making inroads into other market segments has never been easier or more cost-effective.

Research Reveals New Revenue Opportunities For Plastic Surgeons
How many people in your area might consider plastic surgery if they hear a marketing message that’s just for them?

Digital marketing for plastic surgeons gives you the reach and efficiency to go beyond your traditional audience.

Many plastic surgeons have broadened their horizons and attracted more leads:

According to research from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, a handful of procedures see huge popularity among men. There are even procedures for which men make up the great majority of cases.

Some of the biggest opportunities among men include:
* Calf Augmentation
* Otoplasty
* Hair Transplantation
* Rhinoplasty

Two procedures (breast reduction for gynecomastia and pectoral implants) saw 100% male clientele in 2018. Hair transplantation saw 70%, calf augmentation 58%, otoplasty 42%, and rhinoplasty 24%. There is also increasing interest among men in procedures to create a classic “chiseled” jawline.

As more men become interested in holistic well-being, they are looking for ways to maintain a youthful appearance longer into life. Many men desire the benefits of cosmetic surgery, but might not realize it’s attainable – once they become patients, however, they are very unlikely to switch.

Younger People
Rhinoplasty and breast augmentation make up the majority of procedures for patients in their 20’s. That said, there has been an uptick in requests for a diverse range of interventions for patients entering their 30’s and early 40’s. The popularity of minimally invasive procedures like Botox has helped make cosmetic care more mainstream, and many younger people are attracted to a hip “wellness spa” environment.

As economic activity continues to shift in the Millennial’s’ favor and they become homeowners, more and more of them will start to consider cosmetic procedures. Remember, although the youngest of Millennials are in their 20’s, the eldest are reaching their 40’s. This represents a golden opportunity.

How Digital Marketing Unlocks New Customer Segments For Plastic Surgeons
In the past, gaining ground in a new customer segment might have taken months and cost thousands of dollars – a significant gamble with a long horizon for payoff.

Digital marketing transforms the landscape, making it possible to test new avenues of growth and find what works at an affordable price.

Digital marketing helps you attract leads who are already interested in your services.

Plus, every ad, video, social media post, or blog you create provides data so your marketing team can home in on messaging that motivates leads to convert into customers.

How can you continue appealing to your current patients while opening the door to new ones?

These digital marketing techniques are essential:

Segment Your Email Subscriber List
For your website to really work as a lead engine, you need to collect email subscribers – warm leads who may convert into paying patients down the line. To make sure every message you send is relevant and welcome, however, segmentation is an absolute must.

A segment is a defined audience within your email list based on past behavior or demographics. With segmentation, for example, older and younger patients can get focused information on the procedures most likely to appeal to them.

Interactive content – for example, a “Which Cosmetic Procedure is Right for You?” quiz – works well with email segmentation because it allows leads to define their interests and pre-qualify. With each segment, you’ll need helpful and informative email content specifically for that audience.

Use Re-Targeted Advertising
Display advertising can be extremely powerful, especially on social media platforms like Facebook.

But there is one way to make it even more effective: Retargeting.

Retargeted advertising effectively identifies people who have visited your website before. It then shows them an advertisement that relates to content of yours they’ve accessed in the past. For example, if a lead watched all your videos on rhinoplasty, he or she can receive an ad for a rhinoplasty consultation.

Consider Micro-Sites And Specialized Social Media
Seeing promising early results with a new market segment? A micro-site could bring it to another level. A micro-site is an extension of your brand that gives prospective patients what they need to know in a condensed, focused form with messaging especially for that audience.

Men who might balk at a traditional plastic surgery environment, for example, may respond better to a branded specialty site and social media speaking their language. It’s important to do this with an expert digital marketing team, however, so it doesn’t take search rankings away from your main site.

Use Data Analytics To Guide Your Strategy And Investments
Are you really connecting with your new audience? Analytics will tell you.

In digital marketing, analytics usually refers to software that tells you how visitors reach your website and what they do once they get there. You’ll see what content catches users’ attention, how long they spend on various tasks, and what gets liked or shared on their social media.

When carving out a new market niche, good data is essential. It will save you from wasting your time (and money!) by allowing you to iterate on efforts that work and prune those that don’t.

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