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Digital Marketing Checklist for Cyber Monday 2017

This year Cyber Monday will take place on Monday, November 27th, and it’s predicted that this will be the biggest digital shopping day in history. In fact, research reveals that consumers are more excited about the deals on Cyber Monday than Black Friday. In 2016, consumers spent a record breaking $3.39 billion on Cyber Monday, and analysts predict a healthy increase to this figure in 2017.
There’s no question that Cyber Monday offers a massive opportunity for your business to finish the year strong. So what should you be doing right now to get your business ready for Cyber Monday 2017?

Here is a digital marketing checklist to help you have a record breaking Cyber Monday:

1. Check your website speed.
Nearly half of consumers expect the pages on your website to load within two seconds. If your website is slow to load, consumers will click elsewhere. A recent survey showed that 79 percent of consumers that had trouble with a website’s performance said they would not return to the website again.

When was the last time that you checked your website’s speed? Take the time to visit your website using a desktop computer and a mobile device to see how quickly the pages on your website load from the consumer’s perspective.

There are also several great tools that you can use to check your website speed, such as Google’s PageSpeed Insights and Pingdom’s free Website Speed Test.
If it turns out that your website speed is slow, here are several tips for decreasing page load time:

  • Use GZIP compression for the images and videos on your website.
  • Minimize the number of redirects that your website uses.
  • Consider using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) that offers faster access to a server based on geographic location.

2. Ensure that your website offers a human-centered design.
Your website is the foundation for your digital marketing strategy, and it may be the only interaction that a consumer has with your business. Therefore, you want to put your best foot forward with your website design.

Human-centered website design prioritizes the user experience. While human-centered design is functional, it also makes it easy for the website to serve all of the user’s needs.

Review website analytics and take note of a high bounce rate, low engagement rate, and a decline in traffic. These are all signs that your website design needs immediate help. When re-working your design, make a human-centered website design your goal.

3. Start promoting Cyber Monday deals on your digital marketing channels early.
Use social media and email to begin promoting your Cyber Monday deals early. Savvy consumers are using the days leading up to Cyber Monday to research products and services and find the best deals.

When promoting your offers, know that fast and inexpensive (or free) shipping is appealing to consumers. You could even take a page of out of Amazon’s book and offer “Lightning Deals” on the days leading up to Cyber Monday to create some online buzz for your business and increase sales.

4. Prep for the mobile consumer.
For the first time ever, more consumers are using their mobile devices to research products and services on the internet than their traditional desktop computers. Considering that many Cyber Monday shoppers will be making purchases with their trusted mobile devices, consider mobile-friendly digital marketing channels to best reach this audience. Particularly if you’re targeting a younger demographic, running a social campaign on Instagram or Snapchat is a smart way to create hype for your business on Cyber Monday.

At the same time, make sure your website is mobile-friendly to make it easy for consumers to make purchases from their smartphones or tablets.

All in all, Cyber Monday presents you with a huge opportunity to finish the year strong. By being proactive and prepping for this virtual shopping holiday now, you’ll earn more exposure, generate more revenue, and acquire loyal customers that will benefit your business for years to come. Use this digital marketing checklist to ensure that Cyber Monday 2017 is a success for your business.

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