Common Copywriter Errors That Will Ruin Your Website Design

No matter how much you invest in website design, the content is ultimately the deciding factor as to if your visitors are going to take action. To earn conversions, you need to be very clear with the communication on your website.

For your new website design to hit all of the right notes with your audience, avoid making these five common copywriting errors in your website content:
1. Writing inwardly.
Yes, you’re passionate about your products and services. However, your audience doesn’t want to hear you go on and on about how wonderful your business is. Instead, they want to hear what’s in it for them. A well-written product page dedicates 15 percent of the content to discussing features, 35 percent to talking about benefits, and 50 percent to emphasizing the user experience.

2. Burying the lead.
Your audience has an incredibly short attention span. If you can’t quickly communicate why your web page is worth reading, you’ll lose your audience right out of the gate. You need to get to the point immediately and make your content easy to scan to hold your audience’s attention.

3. Creating mediocre meta descriptions.
A meta description is the brief amount of text that is displayed in search results to tell people and search engines about the content of a web page. Commonly made errors with meta descriptions include stuffing keywords, overusing punctuation, and making extravagant claims. Making these mistakes will turn your audience off and will hurt your search ranking. Strong meta descriptions are concise, focus user benefits, mention location, and offer credibility.

4. Filling your web page with too much text.
It’s easy to get carried away with writing about your business and how your products and services will benefit your customers. However, people don’t have time to sift through a sea of text on your web page. When it comes to creating engaging content on your website, brevity is key.

5. Forgetting to include a call-to-action.
You need to clearly spell out the action that you want people to take upon visiting your website. By including a strong call-to-action, you will see a significant increase in conversions. Keep in mind that in order to inspire people to want to click on your offer, you need to write quality content that will make your audience want more.

You can spend a lot of money creating a brilliant website design; however, if you make these common errors with your website copy, you might as well flush your investment down the drain. Having a clear plan for what you want to accomplish with your website and making your audience your point of focus will help you to avoid these errors and create a website that makes a positive contribution to your business.

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