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Close The Loop With Integrated Landing Pages For Your Website

In order to conduct an effective advertising initiative, small businesses need to incorporate a landing page that’s relevant to the advertisement or offering. Time and time again small business owners are befuddled and confused when they invest money in social media advertising or email marketing and see no results. The problem is often the lack of an appropriate landing page. This is a simple concept that is often overlooked by small businesses. What’s worse is those that do try to close the loop with a landing page but end up doing it incorrectly.
We put together a few tips to ensure that your landing page, and campaign, actually capture potential customers instead of turning them off.

Set a Goal
What is the goal of your landing page? The goal should be clear to you as well as the visitor. Make sure the landing page includes a relevant call-to-action that is understandable and easy for the visitor to navigate. Obviously the call-to-action should be specifically tied to your goal. For example, if your goal is to increase the number of email subscribers, be sure the call to action directly addresses this and that the sign-up process is quick and easy. At this point, just ask for vital information. Asking for too much information during sign up could scare prospects away.

Meet Expectations
Your landing page should match the content of your advertisement. Otherwise you are disorienting and confusing potential customers. For example, if your Facebook ad promises discounted rates for senior citizens, make sure the landing page is tailored to the senior audience with the same, or similar, messaging from your ad. But don’t just limited to one ad and one landing page, you can have multiple landing pages to meet multiple needs. Of course, don’t feel that you have to meet every need with every landing page. Reduce clutter and target only one audience at a time.Testing and refining is the only way to get your desired results.

Use Analytics and Testing
Data is your friend! You can quickly find out which landing pages are effective or ineffective by using analytics. Many small business websites find that trial and error is often the best way to create the most effective landing pages. Make changes to the landing pages as needed and track the data. Examine the bounce rates for individual landing pages and look for progress compared with the older versions.Through this process you can understand what different target audiences are responding to and tweak the landing pages as you progress.

Don’t Forget Mobile
After you’ve gone to all this trouble, don’t neglect your mobile users. It might seem like extra and unnecessary work, but a properly formatted mobile version of your landing page can help to capture customers that may otherwise leave your site. Mobile users are more motivated to take action than regular users. About 70% of mobile searches result in some sort of action within the hour. Small business websites can’t afford to lose such highly motivated consumers. If your website is responsive, build a responsive landing page.

There is no sense in investing in online advertising or email marketing if your landing pages are turning potential customers away. You will see very little results, if any, if your landing page has nothing to do with your ad campaigns. You can capture more leads and experience much more success with integrated landing pages for your website.

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