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Business Is Bright For Plastic Surgeons – Is Your Marketing Ready?

At a time when positive economic news is rare, plastic surgeons are booking more appointments. Is it pent-up demand from months of shutdown? Maybe not. Call it the “Zoom Effect.”
According to a Washington Post report, workers spending time on Zoom may be driving a surge in requests for consultation. Hours spent looking at one’s own face on video conferencing software – not the most flattering mirror – leave a person with plenty of time to, well, reflect.

And that’s inspiring many to look up local plastic surgeons.

One source associated with a Cincinnati cosmetic surgery center reported that injectable procedures are up 90% compared to last year. A plastic surgeon based in Beverly Hills said new patients are most interested in help with their cheeks, jawline, and neck … the very features a webcam tends to play up.

Working from home has also made it easier to schedule post-surgery downtime.

The difference is being felt not only here in the United States, but all over the world.

Plastic Surgeons Can Get Their Marketing On-Trend With A Few Bold Moves
As it gets easier to travel and more people visit plastic surgeons in person, this trend is poised to make a big splash. But it’s not as simple as opening your doors (or your website) and waiting for visitors to flood in. Now’s the time to invest in marketing that turns leads into enthusiastic patients.

Luckily, it’s not too late.

Some of the most powerful digital marketing techniques start to gain momentum in about three months. With a consistent strategy, digital marketing for plastic surgeons sets you apart – even as a small practice in a big city.

Here’s how to prepare:

1. Polish Your Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Local SEO is what gives any company the chance to be on the list when patients search for “plastic surgeons near me.” The first step is to claim your free Google My Business listing. Google uses the details you provide to literally put you on the map – the map of local companies matching a particular search, that is.

Most patients prefer plastic surgeons within about 20 miles of home, not least because they know they may need plenty of rest after a procedure. Creating geography-based landing pages for all the communities near your office can raise the traffic you get from smaller towns with no plastic surgeons.

Upgrading your local SEO includes a lot of crucial little tweaks, too. It’s a good idea to include your full mailing address, telephone number, and hours of operation within your website footer as well as on your contact page.

2. Meet Your Customers Where They Are
Video may be the culprit causing patients anxiety about their looks, but when it comes to building a relationship, it’s the next best thing to being there. With fewer places to go, many people are cranking up the hours they spend consuming online video content, and your next patients are among them.

Video is a natural fit for anyone seriously considering a cosmetic procedure. They have the opportunity to see “before and after” shots from real-life patients they can relate to. They can also compare plastic surgeons by deciding who conveys the sense of safety and competence that patients yearn for.

YouTube is a versatile tool for plastic surgeons to motivate leads through video storytelling. It handles back-end technology for you and, as the second-largest search engine behind owner Google, can get eyes on your videos.

3. Tighten Up Your Email Marketing Funnel
Email marketing equips plastic surgeons with a way to talk to hundreds of past and future customers for a few dollars monthly, making it one of the most cost-effective approaches around. To ensure all subscribers get content that resonates with them, every email list should be divided into focused sub-lists, called segments.

Plastic surgeons often define special segments for past and prospective patients, along with a segment for those who are using or considering injectables. Now, it’s time to break out a segment for the emerging group of leads whose interest in your services is recent – the “Zoom Boom” cohort.

The best way to distinguish them from others? Blog posts and other content focused on topics like how to look better while video conferencing, the role of skincare in appearance, and how Botox or other treatments can help.

4. Develop Compelling Targeted Offers
Not everyone will be quick to go see their local plastic surgeons, even if the urge is there. By designing the right offers, you can provide extra incentive to take the next step. For example, you could entice leads with a chance to lock in discounts and make a small down payment to get a procedure done in the next six months.

The details of your offer will depend on your market and available procedures. Whatever the case, it’s much easier to make your audience responsive if they are following you on social media. Convert followers into email subscribers and your ability to get your message heard increases even further.

To give your offers extra oomph, be sure you’re collecting reviews and testimonials from your early responders. Would-be patients are hyper-attuned to success stories from people of the same age range and gender. It only takes one appealing video testimonial for them to see your offer in a whole new light.

No Matter What Trends The Future Brings, Digital Marketing Sparks Success For Plastic Surgeons
You can’t always predict what’s coming next – 2020 taught us all that. But no matter what the future holds, a consistent digital marketing strategy fosters lasting advantages. Beyond the success of any one search result, offer, or video, digital marketing makes your business more visible and attractive … just like your services do.

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