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Branding Is About Taking Pride In Everything You Do

We recently designed an ad for a local school yearbook in support of their educational contributions to the next generation of future entrepreneurs and world leaders and after receiving a copy and flipping through the ads, I was very surprised with the lack of detail. Many businesses simply provided a photo of their business card or a rough outline of what they do and how they could be contacted, almost all of the ads were void of any form of logo or branding.
Some argue that ads such as these are simply to support the school and the expected financial return is next to nothing, but even in circumstances such as these, isn’t it still important to frame your business’s brand perfectly?

Now more than ever, people are buying from brands they recognize, trust, and can identify with. Your brand is the lifeblood of your business, it’s in everything that you do (or at least it should be). Regardless of how or where your business is being represented, taking pride in everything that you do is crucial to your brand.

Here are three questions you should ask yourself about your brand representation:

Is your logo a good representation of your brand?
The easiest way to get the answer for this question is to ask yourself is someone would wear your logo on a shirt. If the answer is no, why not? Your customers should be able to identify with your brand by way of your logo. What does it say about your business? If it’s something you “threw together” because you were in a rush to get everything situated with your business, maybe it’s time to reevaluate its importance to your brand. What do you remember most about the world’s greatest brands? Their logo. What do your customers remember first about your brand, and is it a positive association?

Is your website a good representation of your brand?
Are you building a website that’s providing information about your company and products or are you building a website that’s providing value to your customers? The way people interact with your brand online has changed, they are no longer just seeking out information about you and your product, their seeking out brands that provide them with a memorable experience. When people visit your website, is it responsive so that they can view everything properly on a mobile device? Are they being met with a giant logo and non-intuitive navigation? As important as your brand is online, it doesn’t have to be big and bold and it certainly shouldn’t take away from the experience people have when visiting your website.

Is your advertising a good representation of your brand?
Even the smallest of details count! Are you sending emails, placing ads, or running campaigns? If so, do the designs and messages positively represent your brand? More importantly, do they even have a brand strategy? Successful advertising strategies are made up of well organized, highly detailed, and perfectly branded campaigns. This applies to everything from a billboard to a tiny yearbook ad. Take pride in what it is you’re advertising and be sure the brand is representative of that.

You may take pride in your work, your company, and your products, but if you don’t have a sound understanding of branding, it may not be inherently clear to your customers. Protecting your brand consistency and ensuring it’s properly represented in everything that has your logo attached to it is key to developing a winning strategy.

If you’ll let us, we can help turn your business into a big brand. Stop by our Branding and Graphics services page and send us a note, we’re eager to learn more about your business!

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