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Best Practices to Supercharge Your SEO Strategy

Trying to wrap your head around SEO is nearly an impossible feat, especially with the constant changes to search algorithms. However, just because you don’t consider yourself to be an SEO expert doesn’t mean that you can write off search engine optimization all together.
Given that roughly 9 in 10 American adults use the internet and that 81 percent of consumers research products and services online before making a purchase decision, your online visibility matters. If you’re not paying attention to how and where your business appears in search results, you’re likely missing out on opportunities.

Fine-Tune Your SEO Strategy to Increase Online Visibility
Having a well-executed SEO strategy is your secret weapon for gaining an edge on your competition. If you’re not sure where your business stands in search results, we can help you to conduct an SEO audit to make you aware of how search engines are currently ranking your website and what you can do to improve your visibility.

If you’re ready to supercharge your SEO strategy and start earning more traffic, you need to start by embracing the following best practices:

1. Have a Thorough Understanding of Your Audience
How well do you really understand your target customer? Research shows that brands that take the time to create detailed buyer personas experience a 900 percent increase in the length of time spent on their website and 171 percent increase in marketing-generated revenue. If you want to appear on your target audience’s radar, you need to understand how they think, where they spend their time online, and which keywords they’re typing into search engines.

2. Perform Keyword Research
Once you take the time to create detailed buyer personas, consider the kinds of questions that they’re typing into search engines as they relate to your business. Your business should strive to want to rank for these keywords and phrases.

Something else to consider is the manner in which your target audience is performing searches online. For example, with the growing dependence on smart speakers and voice assistant technology, many consumers are performing searches using their voice. As a result, many of these search phrases are becoming more conversational.

Voice search queries typically involve asking a question. If you’re wondering which questions your target audience are asking, try using a tool called Answer the Public. This free tool will provide you with a list of relevant questions that a consumer could ask in relation to a keyword and is a great resource to turn to when optimizing your content for voice SEO.

3. Leverage the Public’s Endorsement of Your Brand
Did you know that 91 percent of American consumers with internet access read online reviews before making a purchase decision? In addition, 84 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. There’s no question that online reviews have become the new word of mouth, and it’s to your advantage to seek out online reviews from your customers.

Certainly a major benefit of earning online reviews is that it helps to build credibility for your brand. However, online reviews can also give your SEO strategy a boost. Search engines love this organic user-generated content because it helps to demonstrate that your business is meeting the needs of your target consumers. When a search engine like Google sees that your business is earning a lot of good online reviews, it signals that your business is active and that consumers are having a positive interaction with your brand. As a result, search engines are likely to rank your business higher in search results for relevant keywords and phrases, helping to increase your online visibility.

We encourage you to check out our list of online review platforms that your business should have a presence on. You’ll want to make sure that your company’s profile on these platforms is accurate and fully completed to maximize your results.

4. Have a Dedicated Webpage for Each Location
If your business has multiple locations, an SEO best practice is to have a dedicated webpage for each of your locations rather than just have a simple location finder on your homepage. When creating content for each of these location pages, be sure to incorporate relevant local keywords in the body and metadata of each of these pages.

In summary, if you’re not confident in how well your SEO strategy is performing for your business, it’s worth your while to have a digital marketing agency like New York Ave conduct an SEO audit for your business and identify areas that need immediate improvement.

In today’s digital world where so much business is being conducted online, you can’t afford to ignore how your business is appearing in search results. Use the tips and best practices outlined above to supercharge your SEO strategy and increase your brand’s online visibility. Contact us at New York Ave to learn how we can help you to take charge of your SEO strategy.

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