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Best Marketing Agencies In Tampa: Questions To Ask Before You Hire

Are you looking for the best marketing agency in Tampa?

Small and mid-sized businesses can gain a real advantage when they use a marketing agency right in their own local area. A truly local marketing agency understands your audience. It has the insights to connect your brand with its needs and expectations.

A local marketing agency can also be easier to work with. After all, hiring a marketing agency requires a relationship of trust. In a world where everything can be done over Zoom (and lots of meetings could’ve been emails), there’s still something special about getting together face-to-face.

With about three million residents in Tampa Bay, our area is full of opportunities … and it also ensures plenty of competition. When you want the best marketing agency in Tampa, you’ll have lots of options to choose from. But which one is really equipped to take your business to the next level?

There’s only one way to find out: Asking the right questions.

Any important decision deserves research. You can find out plenty about the best marketing agencies in Tampa by browsing reviews on websites like Yelp. Of course, you should also read through the websites of any agencies you consider. Ultimately, though, those are just appetizers.

It’s possible to have a snazzy website and still be a mediocre marketing agency.

Likewise, some companies always seem to have glowing reviews coming in, no matter how they perform.

Appearances can be deceiving. After all, that’s one reason why so many people in Central Florida already take marketing and advertising with a grain of salt. By contrast, a 15-minute conversation with someone can be enough to get a sense of who they are – and what their team might be capable of.

So, what questions really matter most?

In our experience, these four will get you started on the right track:

1. “What results have you gotten in my industry?”

It’s good if a marketing agency is in your neighborhood.

It’s even better if that agency is also in your industry.

You don’t need a specialist who only works with companies exactly like yours. In fact, a more diverse marketing team can pull lessons from all kinds of different clients. But the firm you bring on should point to clear results in your industry.

One of the biggest assets you’re investing in with a marketing agency is the value of experience. Yes, everyone has to start somewhere – for example, as a freelancer. But by the time they’re working with clients like you, they should have a proven record.

Lots of established Florida marketing agencies have this info available in the form of case studies.

They’ll tell you:

  • The customer’s challenges
  • The steps they took to help
  • What the results were

Some will even be willing to put you in contact with their current or former customers. This is a positive sign since a verified customer can give you more information than any number of anonymous reviews.

2. “What’s your take on advertising?”

A Tampa marketing agency that leans on online advertising might not be all it’s cracked up to be.

Every year, business owners lose hundreds or even thousands of dollars after being enticed into the Google advertising network. Would-be marketers capitalize on the idea that you can get “overnight traffic.” The truth is, most organizations aren’t prepared to monetize the traffic ads will bring them.

Even if some of that traffic sticks, a short-term advertising blitz is not a long-term strategy. You will end up spending more and getting less until you have to change course. By contrast, a tailored marketing plan based on your unique strengths and goals helps build a following within your own community.

Advertising has a role, but it’s getting narrower by the day. Service-based businesses around Tampa Bay are best off fostering a reputation by adding value: Helping future customers solve their problems and answer their questions before they even make their first purchase.

Over time, that elevates the visibility of your company and shows people you’re in it to help them.

Which leads directly to the next question …

3. “How long until I see results?”

Rome wasn’t built in a day. (Historians say it took about 800 years.)

Naturally, you don’t have eight centuries to move the needle on your business. Even the two years it takes to build your own in-house marketing team and bring them up to speed probably sounds like a stretch. So, what does an informed and honest answer to this look like?

Even the best marketing strategy takes about three months to bear fruit.

That doesn’t mean it takes three months to execute. Initial research may take a few weeks, but the first seeds should be planted early on. That may mean developing hard-hitting blog posts that speak to your customers’ needs. It may mean video storytelling, social media, or starting your email marketing list.

It may mean all of the above.

Once those seeds are planted, they need to be tended. That means monitoring how people reach your website and what they do once they arrive. It means consistently promoting your best online content. And, as you’d expect, it means creating more of what works, using audience data as a guide.

The answer should never be “tomorrow,” “next week,” or “next month.”

The best marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. That leads to real, lasting competitive advantages.

4. “How much will it cost?”

Marketing is an investment, but that doesn’t mean writing a blank check.

It might be surprising that a Tampa marketing agency is telling you to mind the money. Most Tampa Bay marketing agencies won’t breathe a word on that topic until you’re on the phone or in the office. But we believe there’s a solid answer for what you should expect from your marketing partners.

Our formula for hiring a marketing agency is:

“5x the work at 10x the quality for 1/2 the cost.”

If a team is worth the name “best marketing agency in Tampa,” it will deliver thousands of dollars in value without a penny of additional spending. That includes the value of the team’s marketing software, its training and certifications, and the power of its expertise.

Engaging a Tampa marketing agency shouldn’t be like hiring a bigger group of people from Fiverr or PeoplePerHour. It should feel like welcoming a partner that understands you and will be there for the long haul. You get the first sense of that from how they answer questions.

The Team at New York Ave Is Ready for Your Questions

At New York Ave, we strive to be one of the best marketing agencies in Tampa. But are we the best marketing agency in Tampa for you? The only way to find out – for you or us – is to meet for a chat.

We look forward to the chance to find out what you do and how we can help.

Contact us to learn more or get started.

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